Family Research Council

A Passion to Serve: How Pregnancy Resource Centers Empower Women, Help Families and Strengthen Communities / Pregnancy Resource Center

By Jeanne Monahan

Over the past 40 years a movement of women and men has created and sustained a vital service in an area of unsurpassed need. Exemplifying the enduring American principles of voluntary and selfless giving, a mustard seed of concern for women facing unexpected pregnancies has blossomed into dynamic national and international networks of love in action. Today, through a massive commitment of personal time and professional services, the movement to provide pregnancy-related resources encompasses thousands of centers worldwide that bring aid and hope to millions of people each year.

The scope of these centers varies but their mission is single-hearted: to communicate to women and their families that their lives are valuable and that their needs - emotional, psychological, medical, spiritual and practical - can and will be met. With honesty and compassion, the global pregnancy resource movement now offers powerful community-based programs whose accomplishments are a story not yet fully told. The goal of this report is to embark upon that telling, to provide to layman and professional alike, to the legislator and the citizen - to all people of goodwill - an account of the good that is being done in our midst.

You can read more on the Passion to Serve website.