Family Research Council


August 16, 2017 - Wednesday

Our religious freedom is under attack this summer – and I need your support to make sure Congress knows that we expect more than lip service to defend it.

The Left may have lost the majority in Congress, but they’re not giving up – and they still hold immense power in both our government and the culture. In fact, they are more determined now than EVER to strip away our religious liberties.

And while we heard a lot of promises to restore our religious freedom from candidates for Congress during last year’s election, Christians are still being fined, fired, and financially ruined for their faith.

Were these promises just more lip service?

We need to make sure Congress wakes up and starts fulfilling its promises, {dear_name}. That’s why I’m asking for your donation today to help restore and protect our religious freedom.

This is a crucial time. Congress is considering policies to:

  • Protect Christians from devastating fines and termination for their belief in biblical marriage.
  • Protect churches and ministries from IRS threats.
  • Protect service members persecuted for their faith.

These are key decisions that could provide a major breakthrough for religious liberty. But we must keep fighting, because the other side is not giving up – the ACLU has raised over $79 million in three months. {dear_name}, I need your help to make sure we can overcome this assault.


Family Research Council is your champion, your voice, in the halls of power in Washington. FRC is . . .

  • America’s largest, most respected Christian policy organization.
  • A track record of providing well-researched facts that stop bad laws and helps Congress consider good ones.
  • Credentialed experts who advance cutting-edge analysis and research in the halls of power from a Christian viewpoint.

Your gift today will help us maximize our impact for faith, family, and freedom on Capitol Hill. Together, we will counter the Left’s voices and give Congress the strong nudge they need.

Please make a difference this summer . . . that will protect religious freedom for decades and change lives forever.