Family Research Council

Amicus Brief: US v. Extreme Associates

Family Research Council joined Focus on the Family, the Alliance Defense Fund, and Alan Sears to file this "friend of the court" brief in the Third Circuit Court of Appeals on April 13, 2005. The brief supports the United States Government's appeal to uphold federal obscenity laws criminalizing the commercial distribution of obscene materials by mail and e-mail as applied to the defendants in this case.

This case involves a criminal prosecution in which the defendants were charged with distribution of obscene films through their website via the mails in violation of federal law. Ruling for the defendants, the District Court held that there is a fundamental right to view obscenity in the privacy of one's home and concluded that the federal laws violated this right for the defendants.

In this brief, Family Research Council argues that the district court erred in striking down the federal statutes, because there is no fundamental right to possess obscene materials in one's home, and morality is an important government interest.