Family Research Council

Human Cloning and the Abuse of Science

By David Prentice and Bill Saunders Senior Fellow for Life Sciences

Human cloning is a subject of international controversy -- it is being debated on every continent and at the United Nations. In the United States, the question is being addressed at both the national and state levels.

No matter the venue, however, clear and careful thinking is necessary. To make an informed decision about human cloning, we must understand what it is and what it entails. How we answer the question of human cloning has significance for the future of biotechnology, medicine, ethics, and human dignity.

In this pamphlet, the Family Research Council's Dr. David Prentice and William L. Saunders provide a clear and careful analysis of the subject merits. First, Dr. Prentice, FRC's senior fellow for life sciences, explains the precise science of the cloning process, and evaluates the scientific claims for its potential medical use versus other alternatives. Dr. Prentice demonstrates that there is no doubt that human cloning creates a new, living member of the human species.

Next, William L. Saunders, JD, FRC's senior fellow for human life and bioethics, examines the ethical standards that apply to scientific research which involves members of our species. He demonstrates that universally acknowledged ethical standards clearly prohibit the cloning of human beings.