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On Tuesday’s edition of “Washington Watch with Tony Perkins” FRC’s Executive Vice President and founding member of the Army’s Delta Force, Lt. General (ret.) Jerry Boykin, joins Tony to highlight the conflict in Syria, which pits two U.S. allies against each other. David Harms, a representative from India Partners, is here to talk about their initiative with American Family Radio in the effort to raise money to build a boy’s orphan home in India. Senior Pastor of The Church, with several locations in the Baton Rouge area, Mark Stermer, joins Tony to discuss the role the local church body plays when disaster strikes like the historic flooding we’ve seen in Louisiana. Also, Chairman of the House Freedom Caucus and Representative from the 4th congressional district of Ohio, Jim Jordan, is here to highlight his call for a special prosecutor regarding the allegations against the Clinton Foundation and their relationship with foreign governments.

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Tell WBRZ to Tell the Truth About How Churches Are Meeting the Needs of Thousands

Your help is needed in correcting liberal bias in the local media.

It’s been encouraging to see our community and churches from across the country come together to help meet the needs of thousands of families through the provision of food, water, clean-up supplies and other emergency materials. Greenwell Springs Baptist Church (GSBC), where I serve as interim pastor, continues to serve as a hub for disaster relief, hosting hundreds of volunteers with Samaritan’s Purse who are cleaning out flooded homes in the community. Additionally, we have volunteers from GSBC serving over 1,000 hot meals each day to members of the church and community. Additionally, over 200 families a day are coming to the church for supplies that have come in from around the nation as a result of the media attention we were able to attract to the disaster by inviting Donald Trump to the area.

Sadly, you will not hear this whole story by watching WBRZ-TV or reading the Advocate. While people are homeless and hungry, local reporters like Brock Sues are using the disaster to advance a liberal agenda. In times of natural disasters like we’ve experienced, most members of the community put aside their ideological differences to help one another like we have in the Central and Livingston Parish. Unfortunately for those in the media like Sues, their ideological priorities come ... (more)

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Q&A on the Abortion Facility Regulations Decision

by Family Research Council

What does Texas’ H.B. 2 law say? This basic, commonsense law required that 1) abortion facilities be held to the same standard as ambulatory surgical centers and that 2) abortionists must have admitting privileges at a local hospital not further than thirty miles from the abortion facility. These regulations protected women from lax abortion industry safety standards by requiring that abortion centers meet necessary health and safety standards, including the presence of trained staff, corridors that could accommodate stretchers in ... (more)

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Families, Churches, and Crime Prevention

by Mr. J. Kenneth Blackwell

Ken Blackwell is Senior Fellow for Human Rights and Constitutional Governance at Family Research Council. This article appeared in The Heritage Foundation's 2016 Index of Culture and Opportunity. Politicians often argue that the solution to reducing crime is more government programs or building bigger jails. Yet government cannot adequately address the underlying problems of criminal behavior or fill the holes in people’s lives. What families need more than government programs are married fathers and mothers together in the home ... (more)

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The Hypocrisy Of The Black Lives Matter Movement & The Southern Poverty Law Center

by Mr. J. Kenneth Blackwell

Ken Blackwell is Senior Fellow for Human Rights and Constitutional Governance at Family Research Council. This article appeared in on August 23, 2016. The Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement has many allies within the Progressive movement. Funded largely by the most liberal elements of the Left, especially those within the George Soros network, like his Center for American Progress, BLM has been a major motivator for the attacks on police officers all over the country. With chants like “Pigs in a blanket, fry-em like ... (more)