Family Research Council


December 14, 2016 - Wednesday

After six years of dedicated work by pro-life advocates and legislative leaders from throughout the great state of Ohio, the Pain Capable and Heartbeat Bills were passed by the state legislature. However, while Governor Kasich signed the Pain Capable Bill into law, he vetoed the Heartbeat Bill. Here are the 8 state representatives to target in order of priority of contact:

  1. Steven Arndt - Port Clinton/Ottawa & Erie Co, 614-644-6011 (voted No)
    2. Theresa Gavarone - Bowling Green/Wood Co, 614-466-8104 (voted No)
    3. Anne Gonzales, Greater Columbus area, 614-466-4847 (didn't vote Y or N)
    4. Cheryl Grossman, Grove City/Columbus area, 614-466-9690 (voted No)
    5. Stephanie Kunze, Greater Columbus area, 614-466-8012 (voted No)
  2. Mike Duffey, Greater Columbus area, 614-644-6030 (voted No)
  3. Nathan Manning, Lorain Co/North Ridgeville, 614-644-5076 (voted No)
    8. Marlene Anielski, Cuyahoga Co, 614-644-6041 (voted No)

Please urge your church members to call these representatives and respectfully ask them to support the Heartbeat Bill (HB 493). Also, click here and sign onto our letter urging legislators to override the Governor’s veto. Also forward the link to your church members to sign.

The Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act, now law, bans abortion of pre-born babies over 5 months, at the time we know babies can experience excruciating pain. The Heartbeat Bill that was vetoed would have required abortionists to verify the heartbeat of a baby as early as 6 weeks, inform the mother of the baby’s heartbeat and bar an abortion of the baby. Your signatures and those of your church members will encourage legislators to override the Gov. Kasich’s veto.

Please plan on joining Pastors JC Church, Family Research Council’s Watchmen Midwest Representative, and Pastor Tim Throckmorton, The Ohio Family Research Council’s State Director along with Pastors from around the State for a Press conference Thursday, December 15th at 10:00 AM in the Ladies Gallery in the Capitol as we stand together prayerfully urging legislators to override the Governor’s veto of the Heartbeat Bills.

With all the incredible effort that has gone into moving this legislation forward over the last six years and the tireless efforts of so many in the pro-life movement, the Pastors and Churches of Ohio must speak up and prayerfully stand in support of this life saving measure!

One way you can do that is to sign onto the letter, urging legislators to vote to override the governor’s veto and make the Heartbeat Bill part of Ohio law. Again, click here to sign. Also forward the link to your church members to sign. Additionally, it is vital that your church members call the legislators and appeal to them directly to vote for life!

We also hope to gather 100,000 signatures from pro-lifers in the next few days to express to legislators and the governor our support for this bill and the life of the unborn! Also, please join us in Columbus at the Capitol on Thursday for the Press Conference. We need a show of strength at this critical moment!