Family Research Council

The Top Ten Myths About Abortion

By Bill Saunders Human Rights Counsel, Senior Fellow and Director, Center for Human Life and Bioethics

In order to discuss abortion intelligently, it is a prerequisite that the facts about it be known. Yet, the one thing that can be said with certainty is this: the American people do not understand the facts surrounding abortion. Instead, their views are clouded by various "myths."

In this pamphlet, we separate myth from reality. From whether abortion is protected under the Constitution to whether one can truly be "personally opposed, but pro-choice," from whether abortion benefits women to whether it benefits society, from the frequency of and reasons for abortion to whether the American people support abortion "rights" as currently existing, from the question of an abortion/contraception "link" to the facts of human development, we look at the important issues surrounding abortion.

We hope readers will use this pamphlet to educate themselves and others so they can confidently enter into the public policy debate and shape a just resolution of this important issue.