Family Research Council

Broadcast and Cable Decency

Television programs are transmitted over "public" airwaves that belong to the American people. Consequently, Family Research Council strongly supports the public's right to make the airwaves suitable for viewing and listening. The Congress agrees and has given the FCC appropriate powers to create and enforce regulations to control obscene, indecent, or profane programming.

Because the federal courts have made it very difficult for the Federal Communications Commission to control the socially undesirable content on broadcast and cable channels, we now believe that the only effective and unambiguously legal approach is to empower cable customers to receive or block channels for any reason (e.g., controlling soaring cable bills; limiting exposure to unwanted sexual or violent content). Cable subscribers would not be charged for blocked channels. This approach goes by names like "cable choice" or "a la carte," and FRC believes "cable choice" would revolutionize the entertainment industry, making the final product cheaper and suitable for all audiences.

Family Research Council will monitor judicial, statutory, and regulatory developments in this area and influence national policy to make television, radio, and cable programming appropriate for the general public.