Razorbacks Roll Back LGBT Ordinance

December 10, 2014 - Wednesday

Razorbacks Roll Back LGBT Ordinance

Arkansas voters got an early Christmas present late yesterday, when Fayetteville put the city council on notice that it wouldn’t tolerate a Houston-type ordinance. In an incredible victory, voters turned out in droves -- even in an ultra-liberal college town -- to roll back a measure that would have given locals the “right” to use either gender’s bathroom, shower, locker room, or any other public facility of their choosing.

After collecting more than 5,000 petitions, the issue was put to a public vote yesterday -- and despite the Human Rights Campaign (HRC) sending activists and $200,000 to protect the anti-religious freedom ordinance, it was soundly rejected by 52% of locals. Like us, they see right through this “non-discrimination” ploy to the real goal: strong-arming and silencing men and women who hold natural views of sexuality. Under Ordinance 119, the city would have actually invented a special position dedicated to investigating complains of LGBT prejudice.

Thanks to our friends on the ground and the FRC Action and Church Ministries teams, there was a groundswell of opposition to the measure, which would have created a dangerous precedent by which Christian businessmen, wedding vendors, and other believers could have been punished simply for living out their faith. Let’s hope last night’s message is heard loud and clear by the forces of political correctness who are moving stealthily through city councils near you. You can fight city hall -- and win!

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