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  • Tune into Washington Watch

    August 07, 2013: It's not every radio program that features a different Member of Congress on an almost daily basis. FRC's radio program, "Washington Watch," does just ... (more)

  • Protect Those Who Fight for our Freedom

    July 25, 2013: In our nation's military, some Left-wing activists are insisting our men and women in uniform be denied the "freedom of religion" that the Constitution they have sworn to uphold guarantees ... (more)

  • Don't be Discouraged, Look to the Lord

    July 10, 2013: As our culture struggles, the issues with which we deal not only multiply but become more intense. From the Supreme Court decisions last week on marriage to the acrimonious debate in the ... (more)

  • The Important Act of Prayer

    May 22, 2013: Earlier this week, the U.S. Supreme Court agreed to determine whether or not prayers can be offered at government meetings (local, state, and federal). The act of prayer being offered at ... (more)

  • Stand with the Boy Scouts

    April 24, 2013: Theodore Roosevelt is the only American in history designated as Chief Scout Citizen. His words about the Scouts hold true today: The Boy Scout movement is distinctly an asset to our ... (more)

  • Let's not bring 'madness' to marriage

    April 11, 2013: Well, Christian teaching has never been a popularity contest. Rather, it has been about affirming, applying, and standing upon what the Bible teaches. That includes marriage, designed by ... (more)

  • Redemption through Faith

    March 27, 2013: Christianity teaches that all of us are born with a natural bent to do wrong and defy the God Who made us. "Indeed, I was guilty when I was born," writes the Psalmist; "I was sinful when ... (more)

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