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  • Mr. President, You are NO Friend of Israel

    by Ken Blackwell and Bob Morrison

    June 05, 2015: President Obama, you recently gave an interview to Israeli television claiming you are "the closest thing to a Jew that has ever sat in this office." That's so far from the truth even a GPS ... (more)

  • Use Your Tools, Don't Throw Them Away

    by Rob Schwarzwalder

    May 20, 2015: My grandfathers were men of tools. One was a plumber and builder of houses, the other an interior craftsman and designer at a department store. I have the head of the latter's hammer ... (more)

  • Big Ben Gets It Right!

    by Bob Morrison

    May 15, 2015: London's Big Ben celebrated the arrival of a royal princess by lighting up pink. The birth of Princess Charlotte Elizabeth Diana to Prince William and Kate has set Londoners in a festive ... (more)

  • Taking back the narrative on pain

    by Jamie Dangers

    May 08, 2015: In January, as hundreds of thousands of people streamed into our nation's capital for the annual March for Life, a simple pro-life measure in Congress was caught in a quagmire. On the ... (more)

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