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  • What Are We Made For?

    by Dan Hart

    December 25, 2015: The great celebration of the birth of Christ has arrived. In the spirit of the season, it seems appropriate to reflect on our humanness and what it all means. After all, God created us in ... (more)

  • The War on Christmas

    by Rob Schwarzwalder

    December 22, 2015: There is a war on Christmas, one of much greater magnitude than generally is reported. It's not a war against saying "Merry Christmas" or public nativity scenes or religious billboards, ... (more)

  • The ACLU Finally Supports Real Liberties

    by Ken Blackwell

    December 18, 2015: It wasn't until last week that I realized the ACLU opposed gun control. The co-chair of the Colorado ACLU announced his support for use of guns in self-defense on Facebook.... (more)

  • The Trouble with 'Persons'

    by Rob Schwarzwalder

    December 14, 2015: A fascinating article in The Public Discourse by political scientist Carson Holloway of The Heritage Foundation makes an irrefutable case that "corporations are people, too."... (more)

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