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  • The Fifth Annual Index of Belonging and Rejection

    by Pat Fagan and Christina Hadford

    February 12, 2015: The Index of Family Belonging and Rejection compares the rate of 15- to 17-year-old children who have grown up in always-intact families with those who have grown up in broken families. Based on 2008-2012 data from the U.S. Census Bureau's American Community Survey , the U.S. Belonging Index is 46 percent and the corresponding Rejection Index is 54 percent. This means that 46 percent of teenagers aged 15 to 17 have lived with both biological parents always married since their birth, whereas 54 percent of teenagers aged 15 to 17 have lived in broken families with biological parents who either never married or are no longer married.

  • The State of the Black Family in America

    by Pat Fagan and Christina Hadford

    February 11, 2015: The American family is in a crisis. Our nation's children, especially our Black children, are being robbed of their married biological parents. "The State of the Black Family in America," a complementary report to the Fifth Index, coalesces the personal and societal repercussions of brokenness in the Black community. Rectifying these ills will first and foremost require a restoration of the intact married family.

  • Brute Force, Cohabitation, and the NFL

    by Pat Fagan and Christina Hadford

    December 19, 2014: Domestic abuse scandals have rampaged through the NFL: Greg Hardy, Rod Smith, Anthony Ray Jefferson, and most recently, Ray Rice. In response, the NFL launched a "thorough review" of its personnel conduct policies, management assembled "critical response teams" to address future violence, and Senator Jay Rockefeller (D-W.Va.) called a congressional hearing to discuss policies related to domestic violence. Unfortunately, however, violence will not wane until efforts are taken to mitigate its cause rather than just control its effects.

  • Mapping America 136: Ever Forced to Have Intercourse

    by Pat Fagan

    December 18, 2014: The 2002 cycle of the National Survey of Family Growth showed that among women aged 38 to 44, ever being forced to have sexual intercourse is least common among those raised in an intact married family and among those who save sex for marriage.

  • Marriage Is Timeless, Good for the Family

    by Pat Fagan

    November 21, 2014: In his Tuesday presentation at the International Colloquium on the Complementarity of Man and Woman, evangelical pastor Rev. Dr. Rick Warren reiterated a vital fact that has been lost in the marriage debate: the fundamental good of the family is a timeless truth impenetrable by society's transient whims.

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