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  • Adoption Works Well

    by Pat Fagan

    October 17, 2014: Adoption is life-alteringly beneficial for children. Such is the general conclusion from a review of the literature.

  • Demographics of Women Who Report Having an Abortion

    by Pat Fagan

    March 05, 2014: This report is an exploration of the demographics of abortion in America for the years 2006 to 2010. It seeks to examine abortion-which the pro-abortion movement attempts to characterize as a mainstream healthcare procedure-across America, as the abortion rate continues to decline nationally and as abortion's true risks and harms to women continue to be unveiled.

  • Index of Belonging and Rejection (2014)

    by Pat Fagan

    February 12, 2014: The United States Family Belonging Index is 46 percent, with a corresponding Family Rejection Index of 54 percent, based on 2008-2011 data from the U.S. Census Bureau.

  • Getting a buzz from God

    by Pat Fagan

    September 16, 2013: Religion is a hot topic in the news, with the Pope's recent visit to Brazil and unrest in the Middle East leading to increased killings of Coptic Christians in Egypt and Catholics in Syria.

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