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  • We Pray For President Obama

    by Bob Morrison

    November 18, 2012: There's a scene in the Broadway play, "Fiddler on the Roof." The Jews in the little village of Anatevka in Russia earnestly ask their rabbi: Is there a blessing, or prayer, for the Tsar? ... (more)

  • The Right Flight

    by Bob Morrison

    October 01, 2012: I can still remember the sting of the question from a quarter century ago. One of our neighbors, a good friend really, in liberal Montgomery County, Maryland, asked me at a social gathering ... (more)

  • Into the Storm

    by Bob Morrison

    August 13, 2012: Bobby Kennedy loved to quote Aeschylus, or some such, to the effect that "ships are safe in harbor, but that is not why men build ... (more)

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