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  • E.T. Phones Home on Marriage

    by Bob Morrison

    June 06, 2013: With two more liberal state legislatures (Minnesota and Delaware) overturning true marriage, and even the Boy Scouts succumbing to corporate pressures, some defenders of marriage might feel ... (more)

  • Rush to Reconciliation

    by Bob Morrison

    March 12, 2013: Without Benjamin Rush's healing intervention, Adams and Jefferson might have died the same day, still bitter antagonists. We need that healing balm of friendship and reconciliation now more ... (more)

  • Doing Lunch: Burke And Rick And Me

    by Bob Morrison

    February 26, 2013: I was still recovering from the loss of my dear friend Michael Schwartz, a leading pro-lifer, and realizing anew that there are not an infinite number of tomorrows when I ran into an old ... (more)

  • Four Decades of Deception

    by Bob Morrison

    January 28, 2013: The latest NBC News push poll on Roe v. Wade extends a virtually unbroken line of lies -- 40 years, to be exact. The poll first informs respondents that -- drum roll, then ruffles and ... (more)

  • The '1 Percent' Of Abortions

    by Bob Morrison

    January 25, 2013: The speaker pointed to the flags in front of Thomas Jefferson's majestic capitol in Richmond. He noted the figures on the Virginia ... (more)

  • I See You: Telling the ICU Mobile Story

    by Bob Morrison

    August 29, 2011: "I see you." It's not just a sweet game. It's not just three simple words. It's a profound lesson. Isn't that the first, or at least one of the first games we play with our infants? Baby ... (more)

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