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  • 'Formers' on the Streets of Washington

    by Rob Schwarzwalder

    September 29, 2014: A few months ago, he was one of the most powerful people in Washington, indeed the country. Head of a massive Cabinet department with a budget of nearly $80 billion, when the Secretary left his downtown government office Secret Service agents scurried, memo-laden aides scrambled around wondering who would ride in the lead car and who would be forced to go in the longer caravan. Officials from governors to small town mayors would wonder who would get grants and what projects they could tout as promises of benefits fell from the Secretary's lips.

  • Why the Age of Spiritual Ambivalence is also the Age of Opportunity

    by Rob Schwarzwalder

    September 24, 2014: The respected Pew Research organization recently published studies of how Americans feel about religion in our country. It's clear from the Pew surveys that millions of our fellow citizens are both ambivalent and deeply concerned about the status and role of faith in their personal lives and in the public life of the nation.

  • Engaging Culture on All Fronts

    by Rob Schwarzwalder

    August 11, 2014: A prominent Christian leader recently said to me that for Evangelicals and traditional Catholics and Orthodox, the metaphor of putting our fingers in the dike as holes of evil burst through it is anachronistic.

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