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  • The Great War on the Unborn

    by Rob Schwarzwalder

    September 04, 2014: In September 1914, the Battle of the Marne launched what would become more than four years of hellish warfare throughout much of Europe.

  • Engaging Culture on All Fronts

    by Rob Schwarzwalder

    August 11, 2014: A prominent Christian leader recently said to me that for Evangelicals and traditional Catholics and Orthodox, the metaphor of putting our fingers in the dike as holes of evil burst through it is anachronistic.

  • Conservatives Seek Restoration, Not Nostalgia

    by Rob Schwarzwalder

    July 30, 2014: People tend to romanticize the past. Whether we are thinking of departed loves ones or a treasured national history, we easily over-rouge the blemishes that mar any life or any heritage.

  • 'And the Bible Isn't Getting in Their Way'

    by Rob Schwarzwalder

    July 29, 2014: So says Politico magazine earlier this month concerning purported trends among Evangelicals who are changing their minds on homosexuality. Some of this supposed change is being spearheaded by Matthew Vines, who recently wrote a book attempting to dissuade Evangelicals from believing what the Bible teaches about homosexual behavior.

  • Scholars Can Be Christian and Academic

    by Rob Schwarzwalder

    July 14, 2014: Christians have concluded that the accounts of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John -- early followers of Jesus and witnesses of His life, death and resurrection -- are true.

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