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  • Sessions' First Year: A Breath of Fresh Air After Years of Obama Scandals

    by Ken Blackwell

    December 12, 2017: A year ago the Department of Justice was finishing up eight long years of a scandal-plagued term under Attorneys General Eric Holder and Loretta Lynch, as President Obama's political arm. A year later, the department has done a complete 180 degree turn back to upholding - instead of undermining - the rule of law, and restoring law and order.

  • All Hat, No Decency

    by Ken Blackwell

    October 23, 2017: Texans have a saying for people who talk big but act small: All hat, no cattle. It's hard to think of someone better fitting that description than Rep. Frederica Wilson, the Florida Democrat with a multitude of colorful hats but no decency.

  • Historical Revisionism

    by Ken Blackwell

    August 18, 2017: Look back on the great men and women of history. Most of them fare poorly when subjected to modern scrutiny. They launched wars, murdered rivals, enslaved enemies, enriched allies and violated most every moral norm valued by people today.

  • Trump's Attorney General Jeff Sessions is bringing the hammer down on leaks

    by Ken Blackwell

    August 04, 2017: Attorney General Jeff Sessions showed today why he's one of the best leaders President Trump has selected to move our country forward; no one doubts after today that he will bring to justice those who have put our national security at risk with unauthorized leaks of classified information. Already four people have been charged and there are numerous criminal referrals.

  • Where Are The Decent Liberals?

    by Ken Blackwell

    July 05, 2017: President Donald Trump's critics fixate on his tweets and then wonder why he spends so much time responding to their attacks. But why do they devote so much attention to his tweets in the first place? Maybe they realize that many Americans are happy to finally have a president who fights back.

  • The First 100 Days to Securing America

    by Ken Blackwell

    April 24, 2017: President Donald Trump is nearing his 100th day in office. Unlike his predecessor, President Trump doesn't spend much time on the golf course. He's busy issuing executive orders, appointing strong conservatives, bombing Islamist terrorists, and safeguarding our borders.

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