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  • ACA and Insurers Create More Barriers for Consumers

    by Ken Blackwell

    February 06, 2016: When the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, more commonly known as Obamacare, was enacted, Americans were promised a healthcare system in which insurance companies would be held accountable and patients would have access to affordable care. Six years later, however, the reality has proven to be quite different-a plan that was supposed to mend our nation's fractured healthcare system has driven up healthcare costs, decreased market competition, and ultimately harmed patients.

  • The March for Life: Fight for What's Right, Irrespective of the Odds

    by Ken Blackwell

    January 21, 2016: It has been more than four decades since the Supreme Court ruled inRoe v. Wade that the unborn were of no account. Precious life created in the image of God was treated as but an inconvenience to be removed "on demand." A Constitution drafted by those who believed in life and liberty became a license to kill the most helpless and defenseless among us. The ruling greatly accelerated what Pope John Paul II termed the "culture of death."

  • We Can't Reform Our Justice System Without Lifting Families

    by Ken Blackwell and Rob Schwarzwalder

    October 22, 2015: Common-sense criminal sentencing reform is gaining momentum. Presidential candidate Jeb Bush and Family Research Council President Tony Perkins are among the signers of the Right on Crime Statement of Principles, which argues for applying "conservative principles to criminal justice policy" as "vital to achieving a cost-effective system that protects citizens, restores victims, and reforms wrongdoers." Earlier this year, a collation of extraordinary political bedfellows-ranging from Hillary Clinton and Martin O'Malley to Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz-published a book of essays titled, "Solutions: American Leaders Speak Out on Criminal Justice Reform."

  • Kim Davis and the Rule of Law

    by Ken Blackwell

    October 14, 2015: Most liberals and even some conservatives are arguing that Kentucky county clerk Kim Davis must either issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples or quit her post. Where you stand on this issue too often comes down to a case of where you stand on the question of whether same-sex nuptials are now "the law of the land" because Justice Tony Kennedy and four of his black-robed cohorts say so.

  • Condemned If You Do: Sgt. Charles Martland

    by Ken Blackwell

    October 12, 2015: We should all want our troops in Afghanistan to intervene to stop the rape of boys, right? Surely, we don't want our U.S. Army to act like morally neutered crew members of the Starship Enterprise from the famed "Star Trek" TV series. Those fictional time and space travelers had a Prime Directive that forbade them from interfering in the development of less technologically advanced beings they encountered as they went "where no man had gone before."

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