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  • A Worm in the Apple

    by Ken Blackwell

    September 13, 2012: Apple is a great American success story, and we can say of the late Steve Jobs: He did build that. But there's a problem with Apple in China. ... (more)

  • 'If I forget you, O Jerusalem'

    by Ken Blackwell

    September 06, 2012: Those are the words of the Psalmist. They were not the words of the increasingly secular Democratic Party platform. We heard a lot about how the Democratic platform, for the first time in ... (more)

  • Froward

    by Ken Blackwell

    September 04, 2012: That's not a typographical error. I'm not mistaking the Democratic platform's definition of all things progressive. I'm not misapplying the Obama campaign's slogan: ... (more)

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