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  • The Global Impact of the Obamacare Lie

    by Ken Blackwell and Bob Morrison

    November 03, 2013: During his visit to Israel last spring, his first as president, Mr. Obama assured the worried Israelis that his administration "had Israel's back." President Obama descended to street gang talk to demonstrate his willingness to help our embattled Mideast ally.

  • Cincinnati Must Face the Crisis that Sealed Detroit's Fate

    by Ken Blackwell

    November 01, 2013: Cincinnati and Detroit are separated by barely more than 250 miles - a five-hour drive at worst, or under an hour by plane. Despite this proximity, many Cincinnatians would prefer to believe that Detroit's horrendous fiscal situation couldn't possibly hit their city. Not so fast.

  • Time For Conservatives To Lighten Up On GM?

    by Ken Blackwell

    November 01, 2013: About five years ago amidst the background of a national financial crisis, an American icon admitted that the mistakes of its past had caught up to its present: General Motors filed for bankruptcy and turned to taxpayers for help.

  • Mikey's Murfs Strike Again

    by Ken Blackwell

    October 23, 2013: Mikey Weinstein heads up an outfit called Military Religious Freedom Foundation (MRFF), which might be shortened to Murfs. These atheizers are not to be confused with those cuddly Smurfs.

  • ObamaCare's Day One and D-Day

    by Ken Blackwell

    October 11, 2013: When President Obama signed the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act on March 23, 2010, it was the starting gun for a massive federal effort to get the new system up and running. The administration had deliberately allowed for three and a half years for the launch, October 1, 2013.

  • What American Defeat Looks Like

    by Ken Blackwell

    October 01, 2013: If the United States is ever to be eclipsed as a major power, defeat might begin with foreign "leaders" -- all dictators, actually -- having ready access to the American people via our own mass media.

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