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  • Pro-life wave washes over midterms

    by Ken Blackwell and Arina Grossu

    December 08, 2014: Democratic candidates trotted out the cliched "war on women" theme in the midterms. Advocates of abortion-on-demand worked to convince voters they had women's interests at heart. It hasn't worked in the past and, in 2014, it really didn't work.

  • Can President Obama Pass Disraeli's Test?

    by Ken Blackwell and Bob Morrison

    December 05, 2014: British Prime Minister Benjamin Disraeli famously said: "The Lord deals with the nations as the nations deal with the Jews." Winston Churchill was an avid student of Disraeli's "Tory Democracy" and passed Disraeli's test easily, as Steven Hayward wrote recently in the Weekly Standard. Read more: Follow us: @AmericanThinker on Twitter | AmericanThinker on Facebook

  • Hagel Dismissed, But Not Missed, As Iran Talks Crumble

    by Ken Blackwell and Bob Morrison

    November 25, 2014: Nearly two years ago, these writers urged President Obama to "Chuck Hagel." Today, it seems, the hapless Secretary of Defense is on his way out. We wish him no ill. And we certainly don't rejoice in his forced resignation. The timing of his dismissal could hardly be worse. It comes on the eve of another "deadline" in our dealings with an Iran bent on acquiring nuclear weapons.

  • Gruber Lets Obama's Socialist Cat Out of the Bag

    by Ken Blackwell and Bob Morrison

    November 17, 2014: Not since the Kermit Gosnell murder trial has the mainstream press labored so diligently to ignore a hot story. Rush Limbaugh delights in calling them "the drive-by media," but in the case of Kermit Gosnell's trial for the negligent death of a poor young woman and for killing many infants born alive, the liberal media mostly drove around the story - staying as far away from it as they could. Conservative websites showed the row upon row of empty seats reserved for the press in that Philadelphia courtroom. There were, of course, most honorable exceptions among liberal journalists. Kirsten Powers wrote in USA Today of the horrors. And Conor Friedersdorf wrote this powerful column on the website of The Atlantic.

  • Should court ruling to uphold Ohio's ban on same-sex marriage stand? Yes.

    by Ken Blackwell

    November 17, 2014: In a 2-1 decision last Thursday, a panel of the 6th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals held that constitutional provisions in four states defining marriage as the union of one man and one woman did not violate the U.S. Constitution. The decision in DeBoer vs. Snyder is controlling in Michigan, Ohio, Kentucky and Tennessee. Judge Jeffrey S. Sutton wrote the opinion and was joined in the majority by Judge Deborah L. Cook.

  • House Republicans Can Stop Obama's Amnesty Agenda

    by Ken Blackwell

    November 17, 2014: With already dismal approval ratings, this has been the most difficult month for President Barack Obama yet. After voters from coast to coast soundly rejected Obama-supporting Democrats on Election Day, video was leaked of left-wing economist Jonathan Gruber - the chief architect of Obamacare - admitting that the sweeping health care bill became law because Americans are "stupid."

  • Marriage Should Not Exist - says Masha the Marriage-ender

    by Ken Blackwell

    November 10, 2014: When a panel of judges from the 6th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals pulled the nation back from the brink this week, they provided a rare glimpse of common sense in the debate over ending marriage. The majority opinion asks us to - Imagine a society without marriage. It does not take long to envision problems that might result from an absence of rules about how to handle the natural effects of male-female intercourse: children. May men and women follow their procreative urges wherever they take them? Who is responsible for the children that result? How many mates may an individual have? How does one decide which set of mates is responsible for which set of children? That we rarely think about these questions nowadays shows only how far we have come and how relatively stable our society is, not that States have no explanation for creating such rules in the first place.

  • Obama: Irrelevant, Incompetent, or Intentional?

    by Ken Blackwell

    November 08, 2014: "Remember," said Ronald Reagan, "we have opponents; we don't have enemies." That's why President Reagan was so successful in gaining the respect and affection of the American people. Even people who did not like his policies liked him.

  • You're a Scream, Howard Dean!

    by Ken Blackwell

    November 08, 2014: When former Vermont Gov. Howard Dean (D) ran for President in 2004, he liked to joke that his campaign was pitched to "the Democratic wing of the Democratic Party." It was a jab at his rivals, whom he charged with being too cozy with Wall Street, too popular in corporate boardrooms. Long before there was an Occupy Wall Street movement, there was Howard Dean.

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