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  • Obamacare Drug Mandate Loses, Women Win

    by Cathy Ruse

    July 01, 2014: One of Obamacare's most controversial provisions was just dealt a blow by the Supreme Court: the heavy-handed mandate that forces America's job-creators to buy insurance coverage for a list of the White House's favorite contraceptive drugs and devices, regardless of someone's sincere conscientious objection.

  • Uphold religious liberty

    by Cathy Ruse

    March 25, 2014: Millions of Americans are losing their health plans as Obamacare takes effect. Waiting for your cancellation notice has become the modern-day equivalent of waiting for your draft number to come up.

  • Human exceptionalism in the grocery cart

    by Cathy Ruse

    October 02, 2013: Not long ago I walked to our local grocery store and took along our little dog Daisy. I didn't want to leave her tied to a pole so I put her in the baby seat of the grocery cart and hoped she would not be noticed. That hope was in vain.

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