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  • SCOTUS: DOMA'S Fate In Kennedy's Hands

    by Ken Klukowski

    March 27, 2013: President Obama's Solicitor General Donald Verrilli said two things in Court Wednesday that may swing Justice Anthony Kennedy one way or the other on whether to uphold or strike down ... (more)

  • Rand Paul And Osama Bin Laden's Spokesman

    by Ken Klukowski

    March 08, 2013: Supporters of national security and the Constitution are rightly outraged about learning that Sulaiman Abu Ghaith-the al Qaeda spokesman who is also Osama bin Laden's son-in-law-appeared ... (more)

  • Amicus Brief: Town of Greece v. Galloway

    by Ken Klukowski

    January 10, 2013: Amici curiae are 49 Members of Congress in the United States House of Representatives, and are individually named in the appendix to this brief. These elected Representatives regard ... (more)

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