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    September 11, 2015

    Markets Take Stock of Capitol Clash

    If you think GOP leaders are catching flak from inside the Capitol, you should hear what the rest of the city is saying! Congress isn't the only one jittery over a potential budget showdown over Planned Parenthood. K Street, the major thoroughfare in D.C. for corporate lobbing, is a nervous wreck over the possibility that the government's money could dry up by September 30. Already, the

    September 10, 2015

    All Lies on Planned Parenthood

    As revealing as David Daleiden's undercover videos are, they're exposing a lot more than Planned Parenthood. The summer scandal is also pulling back the curtain on where several politicians stand. As the first House hearing proved, a number of Democrats seem perfectly content -- if not proud -- to support a group nonchalantly carving up tiny humans for dollars. Yesterday, their allegiance was

    September 09, 2015

    Show Vote Showdown

    It may not be a comfortable positon for Republican leaders, but it's certainly a familiar one. Caught between Planned Parenthood and a hard place, the GOP has to decide whether to continue the funding of an organization that's been exposed for trafficking in baby body parts or stand up to a President who has vowed to defend the nation's largest abortion provider no matter what. While Democrats

    September 08, 2015

    Voters Tired of a Halfway House

    Let's hope Congress got plenty of rest in August, because it looks like they're going to need it! With just 12 legislative days to handle a bushel basket of crises, members won't have the luxury of easing back into their routines. Tomorrow's first GOP conference of September will likely be a long one, as conservatives try to hash out their strategies over two critical issues. On the foreign

    August 06, 2015

    Houston Mayor: Whatever Floats Your Vote

    Jesus said, "Let your 'yes' be 'yes' and your 'no' be 'no.'" Unfortunately, that'll be a lot harder for Houston voters in the next election. Thanks to an administration that apparently sees people as a nuisance in their advance of an anti-religious freedom agenda, voters will have to pay extra close attention this November, when the Houston bathroom bill is finally on the ballot. Mayor Annise

    August 05, 2015

    Bodies of Evidence Don't Deter Abortion Allies

    It didn't take long for a federal judge to block some of the Planned Parenthood footage -- and now we may know why. According to records, federal Judge William Orrick has an interesting political connection to the man who once said, "God bless Planned Parenthood." Not only was he appointed by this President but, as documents show, raised $200,000 for Obama's campaign. The Federalist's Mollie

    August 04, 2015

    Life Is Not a 'Line Item'

    It's bound to be an uncomfortable day for 45 senators, now that another Planned Parenthood video is reminding voters who the politicians are standing with. Hours after they voted to protect the abortion giant's half-billion dollars in taxpayer funding, the Center for Medical Services showed the world another instance of Cecile Richards's group selling off intact babies like cattle at auction.

    August 03, 2015

    Will Senate Wish Planned Parenthood a Fund Farewell?

    The summer weather is no match for the heat on Planned Parenthood. Two weeks and four incriminating videos later, the stress on Cecile Richards's group is starting to show. With some of the most shocking footage tied up in court, Planned Parenthood and its baby part buyers are desperately trying to keep the lid on the latest bombshell -- that the abortion giant sometimes ships out fully intact

    July 24, 2015

    Lone Star Supremes Stand up for the People

    Lone Star Supremes Stand up for the People Good news from the Texas Supreme Court today. As you may recall, Houston Mayor, Annise Parker, and the Houston City Council passed a controversial pro-LGBT ordinance in late May 2014. Among other things, the law, the Houston Equal Rights Ordinance -- dubbed "HERO" -- allowed transgendered persons to ... (more)

    July 23, 2015

    Turn off the Faucet

    Turn off the Faucet In today's world of reality TV and virtual video games there is very little that seems to shock the senses of Americans, so when something does, you know it has to be significant. The recent Planned Parenthood exposé videos appear to have startled many Americans out of their emotional insensibilities, leaving them ... (more)

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