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    March 11, 2014

    I Do Not Like Green Regs and Scams...

    It was a lot of hot air about a lot of hot air. That's how the AP explained the Senate's 20-hour global warming pajama party. While the rest of the country was sleeping, liberals tried to put other doubts to rest -- specifically, the skepticism over climate change. Even one of the most brutal winters on record didn't stop two dozen liberals from ... (more)

    March 10, 2014

    SPLC: Father of the Bribe

    They say you can't buy love, but that won't stop SPLC from trying! Money may be no object for the anti-Christian group, but mainstream support certainly is. Facing growing scrutiny for their tainted and biased "research" from the military to the media, Southern Poverty Law Center is resorting to bribing teachers to force their agenda into the ... (more)

    March 07, 2014

    First Down for Religious Freedom

    In the clash between football analyst Craig James and Fox Sports Southwest, score one for religious liberty! The former star and broadcaster, who was fired for his mainstream views on marriage after a single day on the job, is handing off to the Texas Workforce Commission. Yesterday, Craig's attorneys at Liberty Institute delivered the good news ... (more)

    March 06, 2014

    A Slow Lerner

    It wasn't what Lois Lerner said at yesterday's House hearing that incriminated her -- but what she didn't. For the second time, the former head of the IRS's tax-exempt division pled the Fifth Amendment, dodging the tough questions about the agency's discrimination against conservative and Christian groups. Government Oversight and Reform Chair ... (more)

    March 04, 2014

    Wait Watchers: Insurers in Holding Pattern after Delay

    If you like your Dems, you can keep them! That seems to be the motivation behind the ObamaCare delay du jour, which would help the President's party dodge some of the health care backlash at the ballot box. Like the last 29 ObamaCare deferrals, insiders say the new announcement is designed to give liberals cover heading into the midterm elections. ... (more)

    March 03, 2014

    A Brave News World for Religious Freedom

    In 400 years, America may not look the same to the first settlers -- but the battles it wages certainly would. Even after four centuries, true religious freedom is as scarce today as it was when the pilgrims stepped onto the ship that would carry them to the new world. The only difference is, the threats to that idea come not from a foreign power ... (more)

    February 28, 2014

    My Brother's Keeper -- or Big Brother's Keeper?

    Fortunately for President Obama, there is one job where his approval ratings are soaring: fatherhood. Bitter policy debates aside, the dad-in-chief has been from the public's perspective a good role model where it counts -- at home. We may disagree the views he's instilling in his daughters, but in a society as broken as ours, we applaud the fact ... (more)

    February 27, 2014

    Error-zona: Brewer Ditches Facts to Save Face

    At 680 words, Arizona's SB 1062 didn't take a yeoman's effort to read. But it was an effort, unfortunately, that few people bothered to make. If they had, the debate over the state's religious liberty measure would have been met by more yawns than pitchforks. Instead, Arizona's innocent attempt to tweak a law once embraced by the likes of Ted ... (more)

    February 26, 2014

    Stop! In the Name of Gov

    When Jan Brewer flew back from Washington yesterday, the Arizona Governor had plenty to think about during the four-hour trip. Even 1,900 miles away in D.C., the Governor had a difficult time avoiding the questions about Arizona's bitter debate over religious liberty. Now, with just two days to make a decision, the spotlight is squarely on Brewer ... (more)

    February 25, 2014

    Discrimination Is in the Eye of the E. Holder

    There are few people less qualified to give career advice than Attorney General Eric Holder. But that didn't stop the first sitting Cabinet member ever to be held in contempt of Congress from delivering a lesson in lawlessness to the states. On the eve of the National Association of Attorneys General conference, Holder -- a five-year case study in ... (more)

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