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    February 24, 2015

    When Push Comes to Poll...

    When Push Comes to Poll... How much is your religious liberty worth? Try $2,001. That's the going rate in Washington state, according to its attorney general. If Barronelle Stutzman wants to exercise the freedom already guaranteed to her by the First Amendment, she'll have to fork over a couple thousand dollars (which she doesn't plan on doing ... (more)

    February 23, 2015

    DHS: Mall Shook Up

    DHS: Mall Shook Up Over the weekend, the ISIS debate stretched from the shopping mall to the National Mall. While the President is busy finding the terrorists better jobs, most Americans wish he would just do his own -- and confront the threat he refuses to verbalize. The Obama administration, which seems to contract laryngitis whenever the ... (more)

    February 20, 2015

    Georgia Peaches a Fit over Senate Bill

    Georgia Peaches a Fit over Senate Bill Same-sex "marriage" is tying the knot -- right around Christians' freedoms. While the Left cries "discrimination" for their cause, grandmas like Baronnelle Stutzman are actually the victims of it. Out in Washington State, the long-time shop owner could lose her home just for telling two men that she'd be ... (more)

    February 19, 2015

    Judge Nips Florist's Freedom in the Bud

    Judge Nips Florist's Freedom in the Bud How will same-sex "marriage" affect your home? A lot, if you don't have one to come home to. That's the stunning predicament Barronelle Stutzman finds herself in after a judge found the Christian florist guilty late yesterday. The popular grandmother, who's been a fixture in her Washington community for ... (more)

    February 18, 2015

    Agriculture Chair Won't Cowtow to Left

    Agriculture Chair Won't Cowtow to Left "If any of you lacks wisdom, let him ask..." In these challenging times, no one needs more guidance in their jobs than our leaders. Sadly, the Left is doing everything it can to keep them from asking for it! In the House Agricultural Committee, the majority party is acknowledging that someone else is in ... (more)

    February 17, 2015

    Questioning Ginsburg's Personal Judgment

    Questioning Ginsburg's Personal Judgment If she can nap during the State of the Union, it shouldn't surprise us when people wonder if Ruth Bader Ginsburg is asleep on the job! Late last week, the 22-year Supreme Court Justice stunned everyone by commenting on same-sex "marriage" -- just months before the Court is set to decide it. In an ... (more)

    February 16, 2015

    Libs Come Back for Moore

    Libs Come Back for Moore Leave it to a federal judge named Granade to blow up the marriage debate into an even bigger legal debate. Federal Judge Callie Granade, whose ruling was as explosive as the weapon it sounds like, has been at the center of a national firestorm over marriage since she issued an opinion last month. Her January decision to ... (more)

    February 13, 2015

    Un-Manning Manning

    Un-Manning Manning Bradley Manning is in prison for treason -- and now the Obama administration wants to help him break another law: nature's. The national security leaker, whose espionage put countless Americans at risk, is demanding that the U.S. Army -- not just recognize, but finance -- his gender transition. Since 2013, when he officially ... (more)

    February 12, 2015

    REPORT: Home Is Where the Hurt Is

    REPORT: Home Is Where the Hurt Is There are times when no one wants to be right. And FRC's fifth annual "Index of Family Belonging and Rejection" is one of them. With marriage rates in a freefall and liberals tinkering with the recipe for the family, experts warned that there were bleak days ahead for our country. Today, one of those experts ... (more)

    February 11, 2015

    Obama Suffers from Truth Decay

    Obama Suffers from Truth Decay It's a good thing President Obama doesn't work for NBC -- or else he might have been suspended for lying too! Like the NBC's Brian Williams, voters would have a difficult time narrowing down all the untruths to one. This President has told so many whoppers that Burger King should name a sandwich after him! David ... (more)

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