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    November 13, 2014

    Stupid Is as Stupid Votes?

    What’s rarer than an honest politician? A lying one who admits it. That’s essentially what ObamaCare architect Jonathan Gruber did in a viral video about the President’s strategy for passing his signature policy. In it, he admits what shouldn’t be news to anyone: that the legislation was built on a pack of lies and passed ... (more)

    November 12, 2014

    Cleveland Cavalier about First Amendment Rights

    Coming soon to a city near you: Houston Mayor Annise Parker's totalitarian tactics! Pastors and churches beware: leaders in Cleveland, Ohio obviously didn't learn anything from the controversy in Texas, or they might have reconsidered their latest "transgender-inclusion bathroom and locker room ordinance." Starting today, the city is kicking off ... (more)

    November 11, 2014

    Florist Case Stems from State's Intolerance

    We were told that same-sex “marriage” was about building homes -- not destroying others’. Unfortunately, that’s just another lie from a liberal movement bent on shattering Americans’ freedom, their livelihoods, and now, their property. Like dozens of conservative businesses, the owner of Washington State’s ... (more)

    November 10, 2014

    Voters to Establishment: Hold DeMaio

    While the GOP has plenty of victories to celebrate, their stubborn backing of far-Left Republicans isn’t one of them. Against the wishes of their base, House leaders threw their support -- and plenty of cash -- at a handful of extreme anti-values candidates -- who, it turns out, no amount of money could make more attractive to conservatives. ... (more)

    November 07, 2014

    Court Makes a Sutton Impact on Marriage

    What was already a great week for conservatives just turned into an incredible one -- thanks to the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals. Good news hasn’t been easy to come by on marriage, but after big wins in the election, voters can finally celebrate one in the courts. After a couple of bright spots for states’ rights in an otherwise ... (more)

    November 06, 2014

    Voters to GOP: Don't Falter at the Alter

    Republican voters don’t just support natural marriage -- they expect their candidates to! That was abundantly clear Tuesday, when local exit polls starting streaming in. For conservatives, the data was a gold mine on social issues that will help debunk the Left’s tall tales about the popularity of same-sex “marriage.” In ... (more)

    November 04, 2014

    Both Parties Sweating Ballots over Midterms

    President Obama may not be on the ballot today, but his policies certainly are. When Americans stream to the polls today, they won’t just be voting on candidates but for or against the out-of-touch agenda liberals have forced on Americans for the last two years. After living through almost 60 months of bad management, America is holding ... (more)

    November 03, 2014

    Houston Pastors Draw a Line in the Stand

    The Alamo may be the site of Texans’ most famous stand -- but it wasn’t the site of their last. Almost two hundred years later, the proud state is fighting another invasion -- this time, of religious intolerance. Last night, with thousands of people packing the pews of Grace Community Church -- and tens of thousands more at nearly 800 ... (more)

    October 31, 2014

    Upsetting the Apple Cart

    Apple’s old logo was colored by the rainbow -- and it looks like their top management still is. Three years after taking the company over for an ailing Steve Jobs, Apple CEO Tim Cook confirmed what many people suspected: he identifies as a homosexual. Cook, the head of the tech world’s colossus, said he made the announcement because ... (more)

    October 29, 2014

    Trick or Retreat? Houston Mayor Reconsiders Subpoenas

    Houston’s launched plenty of things over the years - but controversy seems to be its specialty these days. Houston Mayor Annise Parker has certainly put the city on the map where religious intolerance is concerned. In a morning press conference, the center of a nationwide First Amendment firestorm says the city council is withdrawing the ... (more)

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