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Given our 30 years of experience in public policy research and development, our renowned experts and our strategic location in Washington, D.C., Family Research Council is uniquely positioned to train students for careers of influence. Our internship is designed to prepare students who are passionate about public service; students who want to make a difference. At FRC, we believe that the Judeo-Christian worldview is foundational to a just, free and stable society.

We train inquisitive, eager, undergraduate and graduate students by:

  • Educating on policy issues which are core to FRC's mission
  • Equipping interns for professional careers by providing practical, hands-on research and administrative work experience, overseen by an FRC expert
  • Encouraging interns in the exploration of their own career paths

Get Educated

In addition to learning about policy, politics and legislation through their daily research assignments, FRC interns attend a weekly seminar entitled,  "Standing Strong: Defending the Christian Worldview in Public Policy," a comprehensive "tour de force" of FRC's mission. Interns are challenged to defend their policy positions through mock scenarios such as a legislative hearing, a television interview, or a city council meeting.  Issues such as the sanctity of life, marriage and family, religious liberty, education, bio-ethics, human sexuality, legislative lobbying and judicial activism are discussed and explained in an exciting and practical way.

Interns also have the opportunity to attend three to four Policy Department-sponsored lectures each semester. Policy lectures are given by world-renowned authors, professors or professionals and vary in topic.

Get Equipped

Under the guidance of an FRC expert, interns develop research and writing skills by conducting, compiling and distributing research. An intern might research topics such as: the status of marriage protection amendments in each state, the impact of family structure and religious practice on social behaviors which effect societal productivity, how members of congress have voted on particular legislation or the success of embryonic versus adult stem cell treatments.

FRC interns also develop communication, interpersonal, organizational and other vitally important skills as they function daily in a highly professional and pressurized environment. Such experience gives interns a coveted head start when they enter the competitive job market.

Get Encouraged

Since FRC interns work one-on-one with an FRC expert, interns are personally guided as they meet the challenges of their internship. From this mentoring relationship stems personal, educational and professional growth.

In addition to the content-driven "FRC 101" seminar series, interns also attend a seminar entitled, "Careers & Callings," wherein interns hear from FRC staff about their unique career journeys. Through personal anecdotes and extended question and answer periods, this seminar is intended to encourage and advise interns as they navigate their own career paths.

Interns In Action

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"FRC has truly become a home away from home. My supervisor has become a wonderful mentor to me helping me to grow as a pro-life advocate. This internship helped me to discover my passions and future career path."
Anna Maria, University of California, San Diego, Summer 2012

FRC Internship Programs

The Washington Scholars

A Division of Marri

The Washington Scholars Program provides undergraduate and graduate students with substantial training in social science research and its application to political and cultural issues. Washington Scholars conduct long-term, in-depth research of peer-reviewed social science publications and compile their findings into Synthesis Papers. Eventually, these papers are published, bringing arcane scientific findings to the ready grasp of policy makers, the media and the general public. Students are given the option of co-authorship on these papers when they are published.

These papers make powerful arguments in support of marriage, family and religion. The evidence is in the facts -- the sociological data. The Washington Scholars are making it accessible to the world.

Topics of Synthesis Papers:
  • Effects of divorce on children
  • Effects of marriage on health
  • Effects of marriage on family income
  • Effects of religious practice on family income
  • Effects of family structure on crime
  • Effects of pornography on emotions, relationships and children

Washington Scholars must possess superior academic achievement (in any discipline).  Preference is given to students with GPA's of 3.8 or above. Stipend, housing and admissions information for the Washington Scholars Program is identical to that of the general, FRC Internship.

FRC Internships include:

FRC Action PAC Intern:

The FRC Action PAC intern assists in areas such as researching vital political races, writing backgrounders, attending fundraising events, and meeting with political candidates.  The PAC intern will occasionally assists in off-site events and special research projects.  Helpful skills include an ability to work under deadlines and strong knowledge of the American political landscape. 

Media Intern:

The media intern enjoys a variety of media related activities including writing press releases for events at FRC, writing blog posts that are sent to various Congressional offices to be sent out on their social media, attending hearings and press conferences, and making calls to media outlets to notify them of FRC-related events in their area. Helpful skills include: good writing abilities, a sense of what would make a good news story familiarity with Associated Press (AP)-style news writing, and an enjoyment of keeping up to date on current events.

Government Affairs Intern

The Government Affairs intern maintains FRC's legislative tracking system by routine categorization of bills, assists the GA department in phone communication with Congressional offices, team projects, editing FRC Action alerts, and providing bills from the legislative tracking system to aid FRC staff in creating model legislation for the states. Helpful skills include a strong interest in the legislative process and an understanding of the American governmental system.

Executive Intern

The Executive intern assists the FRC President and Executive staff on special research projects, radio preparation and transcription, special events, and other projects.  The Executive intern should be comfortable with self-directed work and be prepared to work under deadlines.

Specialized Internships

Specialized internships are available in bioethics, legal issues, development, accounting, and other areas.  Specialized internships are awarded on the basis of student skill and interest in the special area and usually require additional demonstration of specific experience or education.  Please inquire about special internships by contacting FRC directly.





The Family Research Council seeks interns who are of strong, moral character, who possess excellent research and writing ability, as well as leadership and communication skills. Applicants must be college upper-classmen (juniors or above are preferred) or graduates who have achieved a 3.0 or higher grade point average.

Applications are received on a rolling-admissions basis; there are no admissions deadlines. Applications are reviewed and admissions decisions are made upon receipt of the application. Expect the admissions process to take three to six weeks.

Intern placements are made according to the student's interests and experience. Opportunities are available in public policy development, government relations, cultural studies, press and media relations, and state and local affairs.

For more information, call: 202-637-4685

To download an application, click here.


FRC interns are paid $100.00 per week. Stipend checks are paid on a monthly basis.


Due to the generosity of our donors, FRC is able to provide free intern housing. FRC interns stay in The Congressional Apartment Building, located one block east of the Supreme Court on Capital Hill. The Congressional is owned by WISH (Washington Intern Student Housing).

Click here for more information on WISH.

Each apartment houses three students and includes a small kitchen, dining area and bathroom. Some of The Congressional's amenities include:

  • On-site resident manager
  • Controlled access
  • Central air conditioning
  • Wireless internet access
  • On-site laundry facilities
  • Microwave
  • 24-hour Capitol Police coverage in neighborhood
  • Kitchen table and chairs

Due to The Congressional's location in the heart of the city, interns are within walking distance of most of Washington D.C.'s historic sites. Interns can avail themselves of various educational and professional opportunities (lectures, receptions, etc.) in the area. Nearby attractions include:

  • The Capitol
  • The Supreme Court
  • The Library of Congress
  • The Senate Office Buildings
  • The Heritage Foundation
  • Union Station
  • Historic Eastern Market

For More Information, Call: 202-393-2100

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