Family Research Council

Obama Administration Promotes the Homosexual Agenda

By Peter Sprigg Senior Fellow for Policy Studies


President Obama's Administration has aggressively promoted a homosexual agenda and sought to equate the homosexual lifestyle with that of the natural family. In doing so, the Administration has faced loyal opposition from a wide array of citizens concerned about threats to their religious liberty and the social implications of promoting a destructive homosexual example. Here are several examples:

Appointment of Record Number of Homosexuals - Made the most "LGBT" (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender) appointments of any President in history.[1]

Appointment of a Homosexual Activist with Notorious Past: May 19, 2009 - Kevin Jennings, notorious founder of the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network (GLSEN), who once all but admitted that he covered up a case of child sexual abuse when working as a teacher -- to the Department of Education.[2]

Appointment of a Pro-Polygamy Law Professor: September 14, 2009 - Chai Feldblum, law professor who once signed a statement endorsing polygamy and said when "sexual liberty" clashed with religious liberty, "Gays win, Christians lose" -- to Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.[3]

Undermined the Traditional Family on Family Day: September 28, 2009 - President Obama celebrated families headed by a "same-sex couple" in his Family Day press release.[4]

Signing of the first federal "Hate Crimes" law: October 28, 2009 - This act punishes thoughts as well as actions, treats sexual ethics as "hate," and creates inequality in protections against violent crime.[5]

Encouraged Subversion of Federal Marriage Law: April 14, 2010 - President Obama had the Census Bureau encourage homosexual couples to falsely report themselves as "married," in defiance of the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA).[6]

Celebrated the Role of Lesbian Mothers on Mother's Day: May 7, 2010 - President Obama proclaimed the role that "two mothers" may have in "nurturing" children.[7]

Extended Domestic Partner Benefits without Authority: June 2, 2010 - Extended a wide variety of quasi-marital domestic partner benefits to homosexual partners of federal employees, despite the absence of statutory authority to do so.[8]

Praised the Contributions of Homosexual Fathers on Father's Day: June 18, 2010 - President Obama expanded the role of father to include a second father in his Father's Day press release.[9]

Drastically Changed the Military's Traditional Policies: December 22, 2010 - President Obama reversed a 200 year-old policy that protected soldiers against homosexual conduct in the armed forces, and the risk of increasing sexual tension, harassment, and assault.[10]

Abandoned Duty to Protect the Marriage Laws of the United States: February 23, 2011 - President Obama shirked executive responsibility by abandoning legal defense of the federal Defense of Marriage Act,[11] forcing the House of Representatives to intervene to defend the law[12].

Ended Normal Workplace Dress Codes: May 27, 2011 - President Obama prohibited discrimination based on "gender identity" (i.e., cross-dressing) in federal employment, despite the absence of statutory authority.[13]

Endorsed the Redefinition of Marriage: May 9, 2012 - In a reversal of his stated position ever since entering national politics, President Obama stated, "I think same-sex couples should be able to get married"-thus repudiating the laws of 42 states and the constitutions of 30.[14]

Peter S. Sprigg is Senior Fellow for Policy Studies at the Family Research Council.

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