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Tony Perkins



Tony Perkins is Family Research Council’s fourth and longest serving president, joining the organization in August of 2003.  Described as a legislative pioneer by the national media, Tony Perkins has established himself as an innovative pro-life and pro-family policy and political leader since first being elected to office in 1996. (read more ...)

Shannon Royce

Chief of Staff

Shannon Royce serves as Family Research Council's Chief of Staff with responsibility overseeing day-to-day operations. (read more ...)

Lieutenant General (Retired) William G. "Jerry" Boykin

Executive Vice President

Lt. Gen. (Ret.) William G. "Jerry" Boykin serves as Family Research Council's Executive Vice President. (read more ...)

Leadership Team

    • Jared Bridges
      Vice President, Brand Advancement
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    • David Christensen
      Vice President, Government Affairs
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    • Kenyn Cureton
      Vice President, Church Ministries
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    • JP Duffy
      Vice President, Communications
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    • Sharon Helton
      Senior Director of Events
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    • Robert Stuber
      Director of Development
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    • Paul Tripodi
      Vice President, Administration
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Policy Experts

    • Ken Blackwell
      Sr. Fellow for Human Rights and Constitutional Governance
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    • Chris Gacek
      Senior Fellow, Regulatory Policy
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    • Arina Grossu
      Director, Center for Human Dignity
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    • Cathy Ruse
      Senior Fellow, Legal Studies
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    • Peter Sprigg
      Senior Fellow, Policy Studies
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    • Travis Weber
      Director, Center for Religious Liberty
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The FRC Team

    • Mandi Ancalle
      General Counsel for Government Affairs
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    • Suzanne Bowdey
      Senior Writer
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    • Randy Burt
      Special Assistant to the President
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    • Pierre Bynum
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    • Matt Carpenter
      Deputy Director of State and Local Affairs
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    • Alice Chao
      Media Manager
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    • Amy Cheng
      Marketing Coordinator
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    • Virginia Creasy
      Administrative Assistant for Development

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    • J. Christopher Curry
      Director of Charitable Gift Planning
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    • Quena Gonzalez
      Director, State & Local Affairs
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    • Emily Frase
      Administrative Assistant
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    • Andrew Guernsey
      Legislative Assistant for Government Affairs

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    • Marcus Harris
      Director of Student Interns and Lectures

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    • Dan Hart
      Managing Editor for Publications
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    • Bill Held
      Assistant to the President (Central U.S.)
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    • Chrysta Johnson
      Events Manager
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    • Brynne Krispin
      Social Media Manager
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    • Worth Loving
      Development Associate
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    • Brandon MacCartney
      Assistant to the President
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    • Matthew Mangiaracina
      Manager of Digital Strategy
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    • Gil Mertz
      Director of Foundations
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    • Jay Riemersma
      Senior Director of Development
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    • Tabitha Walter
      Government Affairs Office Coordinator
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    • Randy Wilson
      National Field Director
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