Religious Liberty around the World: Where We Stand

Religious Liberty around the World: Where We Stand

April 05, 2016

From Brussels to Pakistan, most everyone is aware of ISIS's barbaric practices. But the future of religious liberty also hangs in the balance in many other parts of the world as well. Religious believers around the world experience violence, repression, and exile of various forms and degrees. This persecution may be supported by law and/or driven by culture, but it is never acceptable. It deserves our attention and America's action.

Tomorrow, April 6, FRC is hosting some of the leading experts on religious liberty to discuss the state of religious freedom, and what can be done about it, in key regions around the world. Former Congressman Frank Wolf will discuss the situation in Nigeria, Tina Ramirez will comment on Iraq and religious freedom efforts there, Pervez Rafique will review the status of religious liberty in Pakistan, and Tom Farr will focus on those being persecuted by ISIS and discuss concrete action steps that can be taken to stop that group's atrocities. Please join us at noon to learn how you can play a part in defending religious liberty around the world. Also, if your church isn't yet participating in for Stand with the Persecuted on April 17, learn more about our effort here.

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