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July 26, 2013 - Friday

Abortion Turns Peace Corps into Peace Corpse

The woman behind the new Rick Perry voodoo dolls isn't going to have a big market for her creation if the latest polls are any indication. Banning abortion at 20 weeks may be "extreme" to Texas liberals -- but it's not to the rest of the country. In four separate surveys, Americans overwhelmingly support the idea of outlawing abortion at the five month mark, when babies feel pain.

The Washington Post, the latest to release its results, found overwhelming consensus (56%) for measures like Texas's. Like the National Journal, reporters had no choice but to highlight the popularity of laws like Texas's that cap abortions at five months. If you're wondering who's outside the mainstream on abortion, it's not conservatives. Only 27% of the country agrees with President Obama's position to legalize abortion right up to the baby's delivery (and after it, judging by his votes in the Illinois state senate).

Last week, the Huffington Post, another left-leaning outlet, found even stronger approval (59%) for bills like Governor Perry's and the federal Pain Capable Unborn Child Protection Act, which just passed the U.S. House. And while the Left likes to pit Republicans against women on "reproductive care," the reality is that female voters are just as supportive as males -- if not more so -- of protecting babies from excruciating pain. The Polling Company rolled out new numbers that show 63% of women believe abortion shouldn't be allowed after 20 weeks, when children are most likely to suffer.

As Congressman (and physician) John Fleming (R-La.) said during the floor debate, "Our friends on the other side of the aisle, when it comes to animals they're all about the humane treatment, and I have high regard for that. When it comes to the issue of torture or even discomfort for prisoners of war, they're all about supporting that. But what happens... when there's an abortion? What happens is just absolute torture."

That matters little to Senator Jeanne Shaheen (D-N.H.). While several of her colleagues are trying to limit abortion, the extremist from New Hampshire is hoping to expand it -- and at taxpayer expense! Yesterday, Shaheen tacked on an amendment to the Senate Foreign Operations bill that would force Americans to pay for the abortions of Peace Corps volunteers in the cases of rape, incest, or if the mother's life is at stake. If successful, Shaheen's amendment would implicate taxpayers in Peace Corps abortions for the first time since 1979, when it was outlawed.

Unfortunately, Shaheen's agenda didn't stop there. The Planned Parenthood cheerleader also added a permanent repeal of the Mexico City policy in the bill. As most pro-lifers know, the President abolished the rule when he took office in 2009. When it is in effect, as it was under President Bush, the federal government is blocked from funding overseas groups that promote abortion. But under Senator Shaheen's amendment, the ban cannot be reinstated -- even when a conservative president takes office. Contact your senators and ask them to oppose the Foreign Ops bill until taxpayer-funded abortion is removed!

In North Carolina, You 'Choose,' You Lose!

Conservative states aren't just saving lives -- they're setting records! Thanks to the hard work of the North Carolina Family Policy Council, the Tar Heels are on their way to making 2013 a banner year for pro-life laws. On Thursday, state senators gave the green light to a bundle of proposals that will guarantee better protection for women and children across the state. Rolled into the bill are a full slate of pro-life provisions including bans on "Skype" (or telemed) abortions, sex-selection abortions, and abortion funding in the ObamaCare insurance exchange. In a nod to parents, the state senate also beefed up its informed consent law, and -- to the cheers of the medical community -- strengthened conscience protections for health care workers.

"This is one of the most significant life-saving measures to pass the North Carolina General Assembly in decades," said our good friend John Rustin, President of the North Carolina FPC. The legislation, which passed by a landslide -- 32-13 -- now heads to Governor Pat McCrory's (R) desk. If he signs it, America's state legislators will have passed 70 pro-life bills this year, second only to 2011 when the number almost topped 100. Congratulations to John and others who fought down to the wire to get this bill out of committee and into the hands of state leaders who were eager to protect life!

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