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July 29, 2013 - Monday

These Cruz Lines Get Rave Reviews

If the threat to religious liberty in the military is a "phony war" concocted by "right-wing zealots," you could have fooled Senator Ted Cruz. The Texas Republican is just one of the Hill leaders incensed by the Obama administration's treatment of Christian troops. At a pastors conference in Iowa, the popular conservative leader was the latest congressmen to shed some light on the increasing injustices taking place in our armed forces.

From reprimanding a pro-marriage Guardsman to censoring chaplain's essays, "We are seeing our liberties threatened on every front," warned Senator Cruz. "We've seen reports from the military of men and women in the military being told if you share your faith, if you tell someone the love of Jesus Christ you face court martial," said a frustrated Cruz. "The military has no business whatsoever telling the men and women of the military not to share their faith. We are a nation that was founded by people fleeing religious oppression and coming to a new land where each of us would seek out God Almighty with all of our hearts, our minds and our souls. And the idea that this administration thinks that they can muzzle those brave men and women who step forward to defend us is exactly backwards."

As more men and women reach out to FRC with their personal stories, there's no denying the growing anti-faith climate -- unless you're the Baton Rouge Advocate. There, Louisiana's liberal reporters seem bent on rejecting the facts (six pages of them!) about the obvious crackdown on religious freedom in our military. In a sarcastic column (the latest in a stream of rants), columnist James Gill might as well have called every victim of this harassment -- and the 253 Congressmen who voted to prevent it -- liars. After accusing FRC of trying "to turn military campaigns into Sunday school outings," he highlights our new report, "Clear and Present Danger," which is replete with real-life examples of the religious purging currently underway in parts of our nation's military.

Gill, who also took aim at my good friend Rep. John Fleming (R-La.), says the report confirms the "religious right is nuts." "Nobody in the armed forces is denied the right to practice religion," he insists (before going on to list an example of exactly that). "[T]he Family Research Council is up in arms because, for instance, an Air Force officer was told to quit displaying a Bible on his desk. Perhaps they think we should put the little show-off in the next book of martyrs."

If this is just a "myth of religious persecution," as Gill puts it, why are senators like Ted Cruz -- and a bipartisan majority of the House -- aggressively trying to address it? Obviously, Congress doesn't find it nearly as easy as the Advocate to explain away these incidents, which are cropping up at a faster and faster clip. In the end, who are Americans going to believe? The service members who were demoted, reprimanded, or humiliated -- and 253 members of Congress who are fighting on their behalf? Or a liberal newspaper with an anti-Christian agenda?

Summer Reading: Deadly Consequences

On the same day that the military unveiled its unisex combat uniforms, FRC Senior Fellow Lt. Col. Bob McGinnis (U.S. Army-Ret.) is explaining why they should never be necessary. His new book, Deadly Consequences: How Cowards Are Pushing Women into Combat, was just released -- and not a moment too soon, considering how quickly the debate is moving. As he explains the U.S. armed forces are facing a threat to their ability to defend this country as serious as any since Pearl Harbor. But this one comes from their own commander-in-chief. Earlier this year, the Obama administration announced its plans to assign America's wives and daughters to ground combat units -- risking, not only their lives, but the country's national security as well. Why are military leaders surrendering to the forces of radical feminism?

Learn the answer to that question and more in Deadly Consequences. Find out how our government arrived at a policy that only a few years ago was unthinkable; why the Pentagon's assurances that military readiness will not be compromised are laughable; what the horrifying reality of ground combat means for women; why the physical standards for frontline combat duty are necessary; and why women are certain to be subjected to the draft. This is the real "war on women," and it's time for Americans to wake up and do something about it. Learn how you can get involved by ordering your copy of Deadly Consequences today!

Paul Ryan Joins All-Star Summit!

Have you confirmed your appearance at this year's Values Voter Summit? Congressman Paul Ryan (R-Wisc.) has, along with Senators Ted Cruz (R-Texas) and Rand Paul (R-Ky.), Governor Mike Huckabee, Senator Rick Santorum, Senator Jim DeMint, and several other conservative favorites. Ryan, who wowed crowds in 2012 as the GOP's Vice Presidential candidate, impressed Americans with the financial savvy that's earned Congress's respect and the pro-family values that earned the country's. Join us in welcoming Congressman Ryan back to theSummit, where our movement is sure to be encouraged by the leadership he continues to offer on key issues.

Don't miss this great event, which also features celebrity book signings, a special movie screening, a sold-out exhibit hall, in-depth breakout training sessions, a student mixer, and the Faith, Family, and Freedom Gala in honor of Dr. Ed Feulner! If you're looking for a place to recharge with other conservatives, Values Voter Summit is where you need to be. Tickets are just $99 for adults and free scholarships are available for students. So what are you waiting for? Make plans now to join us in October. Register now by clicking over to or by calling 877-372-2808.

** Christians who stand up for traditional marriage are more likely than ever to be persecuted -- and even prosecuted -- for it. Hear more about the threat to religious liberty and how you can address it on a special "700 Club" feature on marriage airing tonight. Check out the video, featuring FRC's Lt. Gen. Jerry Boykin, Ken Klukoswki, and me, by clicking below.

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*** The best crime deterrent is the family! Read why in my op-ed, "Building Stronger Families, Safer Communities."

**** FRC's Cathy Ruse isn't about to give the media a pass when it comes to distorting the marriage debate. Check out her letter to the editor, correcting the assumption that Americans everywhere embrace same-sex "marriage." Then, follow Cathy's lead. If you see something in your newspaper that's misleading or false, speak up! Write your own letter to the editor and set the record straight.

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