Family Research Council

Lila Rose, Calvin Beisner, Dennis Swanberg

By Tony Perkins
April 05, 2013

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On Friday's edition of "Washington Watch with Tony Perkins," Tony is joined by pro-life champion Lila Rose to discuss how, as a young person, she put her passions into action and founded Live Action. Calvin Beisner with the Cornwall Alliance, joins the show to tells us about his book, Prosperity and Poverty. Pastor-turned-comedian Dennis Swanberg also joins Tony to discuss FRC's upcoming Watchmen on the Wall pastors briefing in DC. He reminds us that in a world of sorrow, pain and difficulty, it is good for God's people to remember our source of joy and laughter, Jesus Christ.

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  • Learn more about Lila Rose and Live Action
  • Check out Calvin Beisner's book, Prosperity and Poverty
  • Visit Dennis Swanberg's website for encouragement and laughs!
  • Learn more about our Watchmen on the Wall conference in May

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