June 27: 1 Chron. 16-17

1) Asaph and his brothers were appointed to give thanks and make music to the Lord continually; describe David's song of thanksgiving following the return of the Ark.

2) What did David desire to do for the Lord? What was God's response through His prophet Nathan?

June 28: 1 Chron. 18-20

1) What did David do with all the riches that he was given by King Tou and that he won in battle?

2) Whose crown did David take for himself?

June 29: 1 Chron. 21-23

1) Comparing 1 Chronicles 21 with 2 Samuel 24, who prompted David to number the people? Do the opening chapters of the book of Job help resolve this apparent contradiction?

2) When David commanded all the leaders of Israel to help his son Solomon, what response did he encourage in response to God's goodness to the nation?

June 30: 1 Chron. 24-26

1) Can you remember why Nadab and Abihu, the sons of Aaron, "died before their father and had no children"? Hint: Leviticus 10.

2) How was the order for service determined between the various priestly families?

July 1: 1 Chron. 27-29

1) David told the people of his desire to build a house for God, but God would not allow him to do so because of what reason?

2) As David prayed over the offering of all the material to build the temple, where did he say all the gold, silver, wood, precious stones, and other materials came from?

July 2: Psalm 1-5

1) David said there were many who rose up against him to trouble him and discourage him, but he was able to have peace and courage because:

a. He called upon God (prayed)

b. The Lord was David's shield

c. The Lord sustained David

d. The Lord fought David's battle, striking his enemies

e. All the above