Act Now: Congress Must Remove Funds for Planned Parenthood

This week, the Center for Medical Progress released its seventh video in a shocking series that exposes the horrific realities of abortion at Planned Parenthood. Imagine the worst, and this is worse still. Video evidence and firsthand accounts now raise the prospect that babies are being partially delivered to abort them for their parts and even born alive before having their bodies dissected for their organs.

In no civilized society should this even be happening, let alone should taxpayers be funding an organization like Planned Parenthood that engages in such morally bankrupt practices. Congress is now conducting serious investigations of Planned Parenthood, as are at least a dozen states. But that is not enough.

We need you to urge Congress to act as soon as they return to Washington in September to at least pass a moratorium on funding Planned Parenthood while Congress and states investigate these atrocities. The abortion, organ harvesting and possible partial or full delivery of live babies for their organs has shocked the American conscience, as it rightfully should. Now Americans must act based upon what we now know.  Voters must demand that at a minimum the House Republican leadership attach a funding moratorium to must-pass legislation in order to build momentum for the Senate to halt the federal complicity in this organization’s inhumane practices.

Please urge Congress to take whatever steps necessary in September to defund this abortion giant. We should not be spending our tax dollars to fund this organization engaged in late-term abortion, organ harvesting and possibly illegal partial birth and born alive abortion.

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