How does Obama get away with this?

How does Obama get away with this?

The Obama administration scandals -- from the IRS targeting conservatives to the Department of Justice refusing to uphold the law regarding natural marriage -- have been outrageous and continue to be.

And there's an obvious theme to these scandalous violations of the law: Our religious freedoms are the favorite target. Religious liberties are under assault by this administration more fiercely than ever in our lifetime -- in fact, more than at any point in our nation's history.

We've seen it in ObamaCare's callous disregard for conscience and religious belief -- mandating participation in what many believe is unethical through the forced purchase of insurance that covers free contraceptives and drugs that can destroy human life. (The latest surveys show a solid majority of Americans -- including Independents -- oppose this oppressive mandate!)

And although the Supreme Court ruled just a few weeks ago that the government could not force the owners of closely-held companies like Hobby Lobby and Conestoga Woods Specialties to violate their beliefs, the battle is not over. Dozens of nonprofits continue to fight on in the courts to have their religious liberty recognized.

ObamaCare is a scandalous, direct assault on religious freedom. Under penalty of law, people of orthodox faith are forced to violate the teachings of their religion by participating in activities with the potential to end human lives.

The President also claimed the law did not support abortion, then he issued a meaningless and fictitious executive order stating that no ObamaCare money would subsidize abortion-related services. Five years removed, we know this wasn't true. The President lied. I no longer hesitate to use that word because it's been proven.

(FRC was at the center of the debate as ObamaCare was moving through Congress. We had very few allies on the issue of abortion funding. Many groups didn't want to get mired in the abortion issue. So FRC led the way -- and almost stopped passage of ObamaCare as a result.)

We must give this all we've got. We need your help to step up to these outrageous assaults on religious freedom.

And this $40,000 Matching Grant from close friends of FRC means every dollar you give will go twice as far. Don't miss this chance to double the impact!

With your help, FRC will keep the spotlight on the Obama administration, making sure Americans are informed so they can work from the grassroots up to activate their elected leaders to take a stand.

Thank you. God bless.

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