Help a Judge stand for his faith

Help a Judge stand for his faith

Unrestrained judicial activism has consequences.  Now, the judgment of the five U.S. Supreme Court justices who imposed a new definition of marriage upon the nation is wreaking havoc upon other judicial venues across the country.

Judge C. Allen McConnell was first elected to serve as Judge for the Toledo Housing and Environmental Court in 1999, and has held that office ever since.  An African-American, the Judge has given back tremendously to his community, serving as president of the Toledo Legal Aid Society, a member of the Toledo Symphony board, a board member of a bank, and President of the Toledo branch of the NAACP.

The NAACP is not necessarily known for advocating for conservative policies, but Americans who believe that marriage is the union of one man and one woman are not limited to race or political persuasion. Judge McConnell, one of seven children of a father who worked in the West Virginia coal mines and also served as a pastor, is one of these Americans.

Upon refusing to marry two women, the Judge – a Democrat – said his decision was “based upon my personal and Christian beliefs established over many years … I will continue to perform traditional marriages during my duties assignment.”  The lesbian couple then had no trouble finding another judge willing to marry them.

Judge McConnell has run afoul of activists who demand that all public officials comply with their notion that same-sex marriage should not only be allowed, but should be actively supported by everyone.  The right to live out one’s faith is not part of their agenda.  And some are calling for his resignation – even his impeachment.

Judge McConnell is now being told his solemn oath on God’s Word was meaningless.  Religious liberty is the very foundation of our country.  It’s America’s “first freedom” because our Founders knew that loyalty to God goes before loyalty to the state.  If we lose religious liberty, we’ve lost America.

Judges like Judge McConnell need to know that there are those who stand with them.  Please sign our petition of support for the freedom to follow his deeply held beliefs:

I, the undersigned, stand with Judge C. Allen McConnell’s right to follow his deeply held beliefs about marriage.  He should not be forced to deny his faith to serve the agenda of those with a different viewpoint.

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