Last chance before the vote


April 18, 2013 - Thursday

The Boy Scouts of America's May 23 vote on abolishing the ban on openly homosexual scouts and leaders is approaching fast.

And Family Research Council needs your donation now to sustain our campaign to stop the homosexual activists and atheists from destroying the Scouts as we know it.

This may be your last chance to donate before the vote--to be held at the Boy Scouts' Annual Meeting. Please help.

On May 23, the 1,400-plus delegates to the Boy Scouts National Council will vote on this dangerous policy change--a change that would attack your religious freedom.

Because if pro-homosexual activists force the Boy Scouts to change its 103-year-old policy, then biblical morality and Christian influence in our society will be pushed further into the closet. Liberals hope a change by a respected institution like the Scouts would influence the U.S. Supreme Court as it decides two historic marriage cases in June.

Please help stop this from happening.

President Barack Obama, like all U.S. Presidents, is the honorary president of the Boy Scouts of America. President Obama is urging the Scouts to allow open homosexuality in the Scouts. In addition, some major corporate donors to the Scouts are pushing for this change.

Oppose President Obama and these liberal corporations . . . and stand for the boys and for biblical morality and truth.

If the Scouts bend to this pressure, then any of the churches or faith-based groups that charter 70 percent of all Scout troops will be at risk of legal harassment by huge, wealthy pro-homosexual organizations. Many--perhaps most--will be forced to disassociate with the Scouts. And parents will begin to pull their boys out of the Scouts.

That's why Scouting as we know it will be destroyed, and why I need your help now.

FRC's Standing with the Scouts Initiative includes ads . . . massive national coordination of thousands of volunteers . . . contacting millions of Americans . . . mobilizing 23,000 churches . . . getting our message directly to Scout leadership . . . national events . . . an FRC national simulcast event on Sunday May 5, and more.

Please give now, and join me in praying for the 1,400-plus delegates who will vote on May 23.