Let's stop the 'education' establishment

Let's stop the 'education' establishment

This month, tens of millions of American young people will head back to government-run schools. And many will receive mediocre education.

Yes, there are many dedicated teachers who want to do the right thing, but the system works against them.

And worse, leftist political and spiritual indoctrination is the norm in most school systems.

But you can make a difference right now by supporting Family Research Council's efforts to (1) expose, (2) oppose, and (3) stop the liberal-dominated "education" establishment. Our experts are doing this right now as we work to inform Congress . . . state governments . . . the media . . . school boards . . . and parents.

Your donation is especially important in light of unprecedented threats and opportunities:

  • Radical anti-faith, anti-family indoctrination is increasing in schools. The federal government is sponsoring pro-homosexual "anti-bullying" programs that target any expression of biblical belief by a student on sexuality as "bullying." Bullying is unacceptable. But these programs are mostly liberal indoctrination of young people . . . and an attempt to coerce or deceive them into denying their faith's moral teachings.
  • Sex "education" that excludes abstinence and encourages immorality is rampant, and it is only making problems like teen pregnancy and sexually-transmitted disease worse.
  • As the education establishment puts more money and effort into social and political indoctrination, test scores for math, literacy, and history are continuing to fall. Students don't know enough math . . . are not taught other critical skills . . . and aren't taught the principles of limited government and free enterprise that will make them good citizens.

But right now, we have an open door to begin to roll back this damage and reclaim America's students and our nation's future.

Parents and many policymakers are mounting a backlash, and your support for FRC will help it grow!

For example, the reforms led by Governor Scott Walker of Wisconsin were a blow to the ultra-liberal National Education Association (NEA)--the nation's largest public employee union whose leaders promote left-wing classroom propaganda. School choice laws are making some progress in the states, putting pressure on schools to stop the indoctrination and mediocrity or lose their funding.

Please help FRC as our experts travel the country and appear in the media-accelerating this momentum. Together we can return power over education policy to where it belongs: with parents in local communities.

Thank you for helping shape the future of America by rescuing our young people from mis-education. God bless you!

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