Join over 20,000 to stop taxpayer money to Planned Parenthood

Join over 20,000 to stop taxpayer money to Planned Parenthood

A victory for free speech in California ensured that the Center for Medical Progress could release its latest video this morning with even more incriminating evidence against Planned Parenthood and a company that buys baby parts from them, StemExpress. The realities of what happens every day in abortion facilities at the hands of those who have no respect for the dignity of life is shocking. Thankfully, the judge lifted a temporary restraining order on video footage of a meeting with the CEO of StemExpress. Her cavalier attitude toward “harvesting” baby parts, and even intact babies, underscores the barbarism of Planned Parenthood's grisly business.

Whether it’s the CEO’s request of “another fifty livers a week,” or her mockery of the horrified responses of lab technicians who open packages of intact babies, it is no wonder StemExpress wanted this footage kept from the public. The CEO implicitly contradicts Planned Parenthood's facade of caring about women’s health: “Planned Parenthood has volume,” she says, “because they are a volume institution.”

Most people, she adds, “don’t want to know where it comes from.” But “we know what it is.”

What more do we need to know? When the gift of life becomes a commodity and babies are dissected for their parts, surely we can agree that Planned Parenthood – the largest “volume” supplier of parts, and even whole babies – does not deserve one more dollar from taxpayers.

The content of the videos is disturbing, to say the least. But until we admit we have a problem, we cannot fix it.

America is beginning to wake up to the horror of abortion, in which babies are regularly torn apart, or even being “harvested” intact. We’re seeing the evidence that babies may even be delivered alive before being cut up for their most profitable body parts.

We should be disturbed. But we must also act.

Will you join me in demanding that, at a minimum, Republicans attach a funding moratorium to must-pass legislation? House Republicans should act in September in order to build momentum for the Senate to halt taxpayers’ complicity in Planned Parenthood's inhumane profiting from babies’ body parts.

I urge House Speaker Boehner and Senate Majority Leader McConnell to add a moratorium on federal funding for Planned Parenthood to must-pass legislation when Congress returns from the August recess. My taxpayer dollars should not fund this abortion giant which has engaged not only in immoral killing of unborn children for their parts, but possibly also in illegal partial birth abortion and even the killing of born alive babies.

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