Week of January 4

January 4: Isaiah 48

1) What ability did the LORD tout as a difference between Himself and worthless idols (see v. 3-5)?

2) What was God's reason for delaying His wrath against Judah (see v. 9)?

January 5: Isaiah 49

1) Besides sending Messiah to bring Israel back to the LORD, what was God's greater purpose for Him (see v. 6)?

  1. Judge of the wicked
  2. Miracle worker
  3. Light to the nations
  4. None of the above

2) What was the reply the LORD gave to the claim that He had forgotten Zion (see v. 14-19)?

January 6: Isaiah 50-51

1) What example of suffering is given that Messiah would endure as a result of obediently submitting to God's plans and purposes (see 50:6)?

2) What are some of the phenomena Isaiah predicted that will accompany the judgment associated with the Second Coming of Jesus (see 51:6 as well as Matthew 24:35, 2 Peter 3:7-10, Revelation 6:12-17)?

  1. Heavens will vanish like smoke
  2. Earth will wear out like a garment
  3. Unsaved Inhabitants will die in like manner
  4. All of the above

January 7: Isaiah 52-53

1) Who does Isaiah refer to as having "beautiful feet" (see 52:7)?

2) How many specific details of the coming Messiah's suffering and death can you identify in 52:13-53:12?

January 8: Isaiah 54-55

1) To what did God compare the days following His judgment on His people (see 54:7-10)?

  1. Days of Abraham
  2. Days of Noah
  3. Days of Elijah
  4. None of the above

2) What does God's word not do on one hand but on the other hand what does His word do according to 55:10-11?

January 9: Isaiah 56-57

1) To what animal did Isaiah compare Israel's watchmen and what were they like (see 56:10-12)?

2) Why did Holy God say that He would not continue to contend or maintain His anger forever because of their sin (see 57:15-16)?

  1. He didn't have the patience
  2. He gave up hope for their repentance
  3. He considered their frailty and showed mercy
  4. None of the above

January 10: Discussion Questions

1) What passage uniquely spoke to you this week?

2) What insights did you gain about God?

3) What application might this have to what is happening in the world today?

4) How would God have you apply this truth to your life?