Week of July 13

Week of July 13

July 13: Psalms 38-41

Suggested questions:

1) How did David describe the impact of sin on his life in Psalm 38?

2) What prophesy of Jesus' betrayal did you find in Psalm 41? Hint: John 13:18.

July 14: Psalms 42-44

Suggested questions:

1) To what does the Psalmist compare his desire for the Lord in Psalm 42?

2) What could the nation of Israel place their trust in to achieve victory over their enemies?

A. Their swords

B. Their bows

C. Their strength

D. God's providential intervention

July 15: Psalms 45-48

Suggested questions:

1) Which verses from Psalm 45 does the writer of Hebrews quote (see 1:8-9) and apply to Christ?

2) What famous song written by Reformer Martin Luther is based on Psalm 46?

A. Mighty God

B. What a Mighty God we Serve

C. A Mighty Fortress is our God

D. Great and Mighty is the Lord our God

July 16: Psalms 49-50

Suggested questions:

1) According to Psalm 49, what certainty do we all face, whether rich or poor, great or small? Hint: Heb. 9:27

2) According to Psalm 50, what sacrifice does God desire more than the offering of animals?

July 17: Psalms 51-54

Suggested questions:

1) Against whom did David say he sinned in Psalm 51, which was written after the prophet Nathan confronted him (see 2 Samuel 11-12)?

A. Bathsheba because of seduction and adultery

B. Uriah because of adultery and murder

C. Joab because of David's order making him an accessory to murder

D. Israel because of deception and hypocrisy

E. God

2) In Paul's indictment of our utter sinfulness in Romans 3 (see especially verses 11-12), what verses does he quote from Psalm 53?

July 18: Psalms 55-57

Suggested questions:

1) In Psalm 55, what did David say he wish he had so he could escape his troubles?

2) In Psalm 56, how does David describe God's intimate knowledge and record of his personal struggles?

Sunday, July 19: Discussion Questions

1) What passage uniquely spoke to you this week?

2) What insights did you gain about God?

3) What application might this have to what is happening in the world today?

4) How would God have you apply this truth to your life?