Week of June 22

Week of June 22

June 22: 1 Chronicles 9-10

Suggested questions:

1) Why were the singers who lodged in the chambers of the Temple free of other duties?

2) Scripture tells us that Saul died for his "breach of faith," a common theme of Chronicles. Can you name one of the ways Saul had been unfaithful to the Lord?

June 23: 1 Chronicles 11-12

Suggested questions:

1) How did Joab become chief and commander of David's army?

2) When divisions of armed troops from every tribe in Israel came to David at Hebron to turn the kingdom of Saul over to him, how does scripture describe the sons of Issachar?

June 24: 1 Chronicles 13-15

Suggested questions:

1) Why was David's first attempt to bring the Ark of God to the City of David unsuccessful, resulting in Uzza's death? What measures did David take to assure a safe return of the Ark?

2) When Michal, David's wife, saw him from her window celebrating with music and dancing as the Ark entered Jerusalem, how did she react?

June 25: 1 Chronicles 16-17

Suggested questions:

1) Asaph and his brothers were appointed to give thanks and make music to the Lord continually; describe David's song of thanksgiving following the return of the Ark.

2) What did David desire to do for the Lord? What was God's response through His prophet Nathan?

June 26: 1 Chronicles 18-20

Suggested questions:

1) What did David do with all the riches that he was given by King Tou and that he won in battle?

2) Whose crown did David take for himself?

June 27: 1 Chronicles 21-23

Suggested questions:

1) Comparing 1 Chronicles 21 with 2 Samuel 24, who prompted David to number the people? Do the opening chapters of the book of Job help resolve this apparent contradiction?

2) When David commanded all the leaders of Israel to help his son Solomon, what response did he encourage in response to God's goodness to the nation?

Sunday, June 28: Discussion Questions

1) What passage uniquely spoke to you this week?

2) What insights did you gain about God?

3) What application might this have to what is happening in the world today?

4) How would God have you apply this truth to your life?