Week of March 8

March 8: 2 Kings 25:1-25; Jeremiah 52:1-30

1) What did the Babylonians do once they defeated the remainder of the Judean army, executed King Zedekiah's sons, and took him into captivity (see 2 Kings 25:8-11)?

  1. Burned the Temple
  2. Burned the King's Palace
  3. Broke down all the walls around Jerusalem
  4. Brought most of the survivors into captivity
  5. All of the above

2) What did King Nebuchadnezzar do with the rest of the leaders who remained in the city of Jerusalem after the siege (see Jer. 52:24-27)?

March 9: Jeremiah 39-40

1) What happened to the prophet Jeremiah when the Babylonians took over the city of Jerusalem (39:11-14)?

2) When given the choice, what did Jeremiah decide to do (see 40:1-6)?

  1. Go with the captives into Babylon
  2. Stay with the survivors in Judah
  3. Neither of the above

March 10: Jeremiah 41-42

1) What happened to Gedaliah, the Babylonian's puppet ruler over the survivors in Judah in chapter 41?

2) What word from the LORD did Jeremiah deliver to the leaders of Judah in chapter 42?

  1. If you stay in the land, then I will bless you and deliver you from the King of Babylon
  2. If you go down to Egypt, then I will curse you with the sword, famine, and pestilence.
  3. All of the above

March 11: Jeremiah 43-44

1) What reaction did the arrogant men of Judah have to the word of the LORD through Jeremiah (see 43:2-4)?

2) How did the people of Judah who had fled to Egypt respond to the word of the LORD Jeremiah delivered to them (see 44:16-19)?

  1. Dug in their heels and refused to repent
  2. Voiced their commitment to idols
  3. Credited their prosperity to the "queen of heaven"
  4. All of the above

March 12: Jeremiah 45-47

1) What message did the LORD give to Jeremiah's scribe, Baruch, when he felt the burden of serving God through serving the prophet and pitied himself (45:4-5)?

  1. What I have built, I am breaking down; what I have planted, I am plucking up
  2. Do not seek great things for yourself for I am bringing disaster on all flesh
  3. Wherever you go, I will spare your life as a prize of war
  4. None of the above

2) What words of comfort did Jeremiah have for God's people even as He pronounced judgment on the surrounding nations in these chapters (see 46:27-28)?

March 13: Jeremiah 48

1) Who was "Chemosh" of whom the LORD said Moab would be ashamed (see v. 7, 13 and then look at 1 Kings 11:33)?

2) After speaking of Moab's well-deserved disgrace and destruction, what words of hope did God give to Moab (v. 47)?

March 14: Discussion Questions

1) What passage uniquely spoke to you this week?

2) What insights did you gain about God?

3) What application might this have to what is happening in the world today?

4) How would God have you apply this truth to your life?