Week of October 19

Week of October 19

October 19: 2 Chronicles 35-36

1) What special celebration did the godly King Josiah reinstitute in chapter 35?

  1. Feast of Tabernacles
  2. Feast of Trumpets
  3. Feast of Passover
  4. None of the above

2) After the sad demise of the kingdom of Judah because of God's judgment through the invasion of King Nebuchadnezzar and the captivity in Babylon, how does the book end (see 36:15-23)?

October 20: 1 Kings 12-13

1) In chapter 12, what did King Jeroboam refer to when he declared: "Behold your gods, O Israel, who brought you up out of the land of Egypt"?

2) In chapter 13, what happened to Jeroboam when he stretched out his hand against the prophet who spoke judgment against his pagan altar? What happened to it when the prophet prayed for him?

October 21: 1 Kings 14-15

1) In chapter 14, what did Ahijah the prophet foretell would happen to Jeroboam's sons?

2) In chapter 15, what did King Asa do that was right in the eyes of the LORD (see v. 12-13) and what did he leave undone (v. 14)?

October 22: 1 Kings 16-17

1) According to 1 Kings 16, what did Ahab do that made him more evil than all the Kings before him?

  1. Married Jezebel, wicked daughter of the King of Sidon
  2. Served and worshiped the false god Baal
  3. Constructed an Asherah pole for pagan worship
  4. All of the above

2) Compare 1 Kings 17:1 to James 5:16-17. What do these verses tell us about Elijah's prayers? And our prayers?

October 23: 1 Kings 18-19

1) According to 1 Kings 18, what happened on Mount Carmel when the prophets of Baal offered a sacrifice to their god, cut themselves, and cried out until they were hoarse? What happened when Elijah offered a sacrifice and prayed to the LORD? What was the response of the people?

2) After the great victory on Mount Carmel, Elijah fled for his life from Jezebel in chapter 19. How did the LORD reveal himself to the depressed prophet on Mount Horeb?

  1. Wind that tore the mountains
  2. Earthquake that shook the ground
  3. Fire that burned
  4. Gentle whisper
  5. All of the above

October 24: 1 Kings 20-21

1) Why did the prophet of the LORD announce severe judgment upon Ahab and his people after God gave him victory over Ben-Hadad, King of Syria (see 1 Kings 20:35-42)?

2) According to 1 Kings 21:25, "there was no one like Ahab who sold himself to do evil in the sight of the LORD" because he listened to his wicked wife, Jezebel. Yet when Ahab heard the words of the prophet Elijah foretelling his death and the death of his wife, what did he do (see v. 27)? And what did the LORD do as a result (see v. 28-29)?

October 25: Discussion Questions

1) What passage uniquely spoke to you this week?

2) What insights did you gain about God?

3) What application might this have to what is happening in the world today?

4) How would God have you apply this truth to your life?