Kanjorski's Stimulus Vote: A Big Deal

January 29, 2009

There has been much press coverage of the fact that all House GOP members voted against the Pelosi stimulus bill yesterday.  Well, something like eleven Democrats voted against the measure... but not so much coverage of that.  Of considerable interest is the fact that Paul Kanjorski (Dem-PA) was amongst the dissenters.  Kanjorski  appears on  CNBC regularly and  has a  friendly, bi-partisan persona.  He is also the "senior member," under Chairman Barnie Frank, on the Financial Services Committee.  In fact, he chairs the sub-committee on "Capital Markets, Insurance, and Government Sponsored Enterprises."  That sounds like a pretty important job in a financial/banking crisis.  Given all that, Kanjorski's vote against the stimulus bill seems very important.  Hopefully, we'll get the scoop from CNBC host Larry Kudlow, the most important economic journalist in the Obama era, who has interviewed Kanjorski on numerous occasions.  Perhaps, Democrat support for the spending plan is less solid than we are being led to believe.