Lawlessness California-style: Ahnuld and Moonbeam Take a Pass on Defending Prop 8

August 13, 2009

This from an Associated Press story about California's defense of Prop 8:

The governor and attorney general, who are supposed to defend state laws, submitted separate but similar filings Friday saying they would leave it to the conservative legal group the Alliance Defense Fund to take the lead in defending Californias gay marriage ban.

How completely revolting. The people of the State of California pass an amendment to the State Constitution that is upheld by the State Supreme Court and neither the attorney general nor the governor will defend the amendment.

The governor and the attorney general should be impeached -- or recalled. Whether you love or loathe Proposition 8, it should be clear that executive branch of the California should defend the State's constitution in court. To refuse to do so constitutes complete lawlessness.

Perhaps, some legislator can attempt to appropriate funds for Alliance Defend Fund's legal efforts. It only seems fair that ADF should be reimbursed for doing the government's work.

Furthermroe, the governor and attorney general should save everyone some time and let the State know which laws they find it PC to defend. This might be a useful flash page to set up on the AG's website.