It's More Than a Feeling

December 1, 2010

One of the most striking things Defense Sec. Gates said during his remarks today regarding the military's survey on homosexuality related to what he called "feelings:"

Views towards gay and lesbian Americans have changed considerably during this period, and have grown more accepting since Dont Ask Dont Tell was first enacted. But feelings on this matter can still run deep and divide, often starkly, along demographic, cultural and generational lines not only in society as a whole, but in the uniformed ranks as well.

The objections many men and women in uniform, and their families, have toward allowing homosexuals to serve in the Armed Forces are not grounded in "feelings." A feeling is an emotion, something that can change depending on one's blood-sugar level.

What Sec. Gates seems to have tried to articulate, but not summoned the moral courage to state outright, is that people who believe homosexuality is morally wrong are poor (that would be demography), uneducated (there's your lack of "cultural" maturity), and habituated to bigotry ("generational").

He is as wrong as he is condescending: Homosexuality is described as a sin against God in both biblical Testaments. Those of us who believe the Bible's commands transcend time and any society's "growing acceptance" (Sec. Gates' phrase) will remain opposed to the "mainstreaming" of homosexuality, period.

That's a moral statement, Mr. Secretary. It's not a feeling. It will not change until the Bible changes, which is, for the record, never.